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Papavinasanam – Must Visit Place in Tirumala

Why to Visit Papavinasanam in Tirumala

There are many places to visit in Tirumala which gives you a very good spiritual experience. Among them all Papavinasanam, is a definite and special place to visit. Everyone who visits Tirumala should visit Papavinasanam at any cost. Papavinasanam, gives you a very good spiritual experience as well as it cleanses your body and your soul. A Small Deep in the waters of Papavinasanam cleanses our souls as well as provides a new insight into nature .
The Views and nature near Papavinasanam is just amazing and breath taking. Papavinasanam lies around 5 km from the temple of Tirumala and it has a beautiful waterfall in which pilgrims can take a bath. The holy waters of Papavinasanam cleans the sins of the person who take a dip in these waters. As it cleans the sins, “Papas”, this place hence is called Papavinasanam.
There is a Belief in Tirumala, that the water that flows in the Papavinasanam directly comes from the feet of the lord. Government has constructed dam near the Papavinasanam waterfall. The water from the waterfall is arranged to flow from the mouth of lions which are bathing ghats. There are very good arrangements for dressing and food. Water supply to Tirumala is provided from the Reservoir in the p Papavinasanam. The water which flows from the waterfall is stored in the dam and is used to water purposes in Tirumala. A popular belief is, if anyone donate Salagrama stone here, it frees the devotee from the consequence of the sins of previous births.

Best time to visit this Papavinasanam:

The best time to visit this place is during rainy season. In this season, the place looks very fresh green and you can see the waterfall flowing from the mountains.

How to reach this place:

  • TTD has arranged free bus from any point of Tirumala to reach Papavinasanam. On the way to Papavinasanam, you can see the other places visit the other places like Gogarbham, Venu Gopala Swamy Temple and Japali.
  • If you can take a taxi, you can go to all the places, and the last point of places will be Papavinasanam.
  • If you want to take a APSRTC bus, they are available from CRO office everyday starting from 5 a.m for every 20 minutes.

Timings of Papavinasanam:

Papavinasanam is opened at 6 a.m. in the and closes at 6 p.m. Evening.

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