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Tungabhadra Pushkaralu Online Booking 2020

Tungabhadra Pushkaralu Online Bookings 2020

Pilgrims who are planning to attend the Tungabhadra Pushkaralu has to book the slots on the official Tungabhadra Pushkaralu Website to take bath in the river. Pilgrims need to book online well in advance for the Tungabhadra Pushkaralu. Andhra Pradesh Government has arranged a lot of directions along the river. To get the Ghats details of Tungabhadra Pushkaralu Click Here.

Tungabhadra Pushkaralu Dates 2020

Pilgrims can book from 20 November 2020 to 1 December 2020 for the Tungabhadra Pushkaralu

Pilgrims can visit the below Temples of Tungabhadra Pushkaralu:
Srisaila Mallikarjuna Temple, Srisailam
Sangameswara Temple, Kurnool
Sri basava lingeswara swamy Temple, Kowthalam, Kurnool
Ambhabavani Temple, Nagaladinne, Kurnool
Sri Yaganti Uma Maheswara / Yaganti Temple, Kurnool
Sri Narasimha Veeranna Swamy Temple, Kowthalam, Kurnool
Channakesva swamy temple, Kowthalam, Kurnool
Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Kowthalam, Kurnool
Venugoplaswami Temple, Kurnool
Sri patapatesvari Amman Temple, Gurajala, Guntur

Tungabhadra Pushkaralu Online Bookings Procedure

Pilgrims can book the slot from below link with the Mobile number and other declarations of the pilgrims.

Pilgrims need to follow the below rules to attend the Tungabadra Pushkaralu

Devotees should have booked the tickets should not have any COVID 19 Symptoms
Devotees above age of 60 and below the age of 12 and Pregnant are not allowed to attend the Pushkaralu
Wearing a mask all the time and social distancing, sanitization are mandatory.




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