Ugadi Pachadi Recipe Telugu Ingredients Preparation Style Items

Know the details about the Ugadi Pachadi Recipe Telugu Ingredients Preparation Style Items, Ugadi Pachadi Andhra Telangana Karnataka Style Cooking

Ugadi Pachadi is the prasadam which is prepared for the Ugadi festival. Every year, the Ugadi Pachadi is prepared on the day of the Ugadi and all the people in the family will be having this. The Ugadi Pachadi is only prepared for the Ugadi day in a year. Ugadi day is the New year’s day of the Telugu and Kannada culture. All three states will be celebrating the Ugadi festival every year. The Ugadi festival is an annual festival and occurs on the day of the New year.

The Ugadi Pachadi recipe is unique and changes from place to place and region to region. Even though the preparation style of the Ugadi Pachadi changes, the ingredients which is used in the recipe for the Pachadi remain the same. Below is the process and also the procedure for the Ugadi Pachadi.

Ugadi Pachadi Recipe Telugu Ingredients Preparation Style Items

The Ugadi Pachadi should be having 6 tastes which indicate the good and bad in life. The below ingredients are used for the taste adding items for the recipe of the Ugadi Pachadi

Time Taken for Cooking: 20-25 minutes


  • Grated Mango
  • Neem Tree flower (a pinch)
  • Tamarind
  • Jaggery
  • Black Pepper Poweder
  • Salt

These 6 items will be considered as the Ugadi ingredients for the Ugadi Pachadi. The Ugadi Pachadi can be made simple way and the process takes less time. Nothing should be added apart from the above ingredients for the Ugadi Pachadi.

  • First, the Unripened Mango should be grated completely. Then the Mango should be shifted to a bowl. After this, the Powered Jaggery and the Tamarind should be added
  • A little bit may be a small pinch of Salt, Black Pepper Powder and Neem Tree Flower should be added Mango and also the Jaggery. All the items should be mixed without adding the water. The Ugadi Pachadi is done and ready for pooja and to be served,

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