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Uttaradi Mutt Tirumala Room Booking

Uttaradi Mutt Tirumala Room Booking as below provides the information about the mutt in Tirumala. Tirumala is the most famous spiritual city in the town. Lakhs of pilgrims will be visiting the town every day for the Darshan of Lord Venkateswara. Tirumala is not only home for the Tirumala temple but also home for many other mutts which are located in the Tirumala to continue the Spiritual works. Out of all these mutts in Tirumala Uttaradi Mutt is one of the very important mutts which is located behind the temple of Lord Varaha Swamy in Tirumala.

Uttaradi Mutt Tirumala Room Booking

Pilgrims who belong to respective Mutts can book for the rooms in those mutts if the rooms in Tirumala are not available. Please note, these rooms are available for only the pilgrims who belong to the Uttaradi Mutt. The pilgrims can approach the Mutt authorities for the room booking procedure.

  • For now, there is no online booking for the Uttaradi Mutt for the pilgrims. But there is an advance reservation available in the mutt. Pilgrims can call the phone number of the mutt and can book the room in advance
  • It is highly suggested for the pilgrims to call and book for the rooms before 1 month to 15 days. Mostly there will be no advance payment. But if the rooms booking is in a peak season, the pilgrims might need to pay for a token advance amount
  • These rules and regulations are changed from time to time in the Uttaradi Mutt. Pilgrims call the mutt authorities can enquire of the rules on that particular day.
  • The rooms and food will be provided in the Uttaradi Mutt itself. The pilgrims can stay the mutt as long as the room is allocated. The rooms will have all the required basic amenities and also hot water.

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  1. Such a bad experience we got there, the staff is not even bothered to listen what we’re telling them. The small kid was having fever n we requested them to give a room but they they are not ready to listen n telling us there are no rooms available. After that they gave the rooms for some those who offered them more money.


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