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Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2022 Dates

Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2022 Dates as below provides the details about the festival that is about to happen in the Yadadri temple. The Yadadri Brahmotsavam is the most important festival which will be conducted every year for the Lord. Lakhs of pilgrims will be visiting the temple on this day of the Yadadri Brahmotsavam. Pilgrims from throughout the country will be visiting the temple for the blessings of Lord Narasimha. The government takes this 10 days festival as a prestigious festival and will be conducting the festival with utmost care and arrangements.

Yadadri Brahmotsavam 2022 Dates

For the year 2022, the Yadadri Brahmotsavam starts on 04 March 2o22 and will be ending on 14 March 2022. Pilgrims can visit the temple on these dates to take part in the temple brahmotsavam. On this day, the Lord will be taken as a procession in the streets of Yadadri on Vahanam each day and will be on Darshan for the pilgrims.

Last year, the Yadadri Brahmotsavam was held in ekantham due to the prevailing COVID conditions. But this year, the pilgrims are expecting the Yadadri Brahmotsavam to be conducted in public among the pilgrims with all the COVID rules and regulations. The schedule of the Vahanams are as the below

March 04 2022 Viswakesana Aradhana, Swastivachanam, Raksha Bandanam(Morning) Ankurarpanam (Evening)


March 05 2022 Dwajarohanam (Morning) Bheripuja, Devatahavanam, Havanam (Evening)
March 06 2022 Matsya Avatara Alamkarana (Morning) Sesha Vahana Seva (Evening)
March 07 2022 Vatapatrasai Alankaram (Morning) Hamsa Vahana Seva (Evening)
March 08 2022 Sri Krishna Alankarana(Morning) Ponna Vahana Seva (Evening)
March 09 2022 Govardhanagiri Alamkaram (Morning) Simha Vahana Seva (Evening)
March 10 2022 Jaganmohini Alamkaram (Morning) Aswa Vahana Seva (Evening), Edurukolu Ustavam at Balalayam
March 11 2022 Sri Rama Alamkaram (1Morning), Hanumantha Seva, Gaja Vahana Seva,  Tiru Kalyana Mahotsavam at Balalayam.
March 12 2022 Sri Mahavishnu Alamkaram (Morning), Garuda Vahana seva Vimana Rathotsavam at Balalayam (Evening), Rathotsavam at Downhill (Evening)
March 13 2022 Mahapurnahuthi, Chakratheertham (Morning) Sri Pushpayagam, Dopu Ustavam (Evening)
March 14 2022 Ghatabhishekam (Morning) Srungara Dolotsavam (Evening), Ustavam Samapti.

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