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Rameshwaram Temple Timings

Rameshwaram Temple Timings as below provides the details about the pooja opening and closing timings for the Darshan. Rameshwaram Temple is one of the most visited temple in Tamilnadu. Every year lakhs of pilgrims will be visiting the Rameshwaram Temple for the Darshan of the Lord Shiva. The presiding diety in the Rameshwaram Temple is Lord Shiva in the form of aathma lings. For the Hindus, the trip Rameshwaram Temple is very important and is equal to the trip to Varanasi.

Rameshwaram Temple Timings

The opening timings and closing timings of the Rameswaram temple is as below. These timings might change during any special occasion or during the crowd season and festivals.

The Rameswaram temple opening timings daily is at 04.30 AM. The temple will be closed again at 01.00 PM

After this, the temple will be opened at 03.00 PM and will be closed again at 08.30 PM. These timings are standard timings daily. The timings for different days in the Rameshwaram Temple is as below

Saturday4:30am–1pm, 3–8:30pm
Sunday4:30am–1pm, 3–8:30pm
Monday4:30am–1pm, 3–8:30pm
Tuesday4:30am–1pm, 3–8:30pm
Wednesday4:30am–1pm, 3–8:30pm
Thursday4:30am–1pm, 3–8:30pm
Friday4:30am–1pm, 3–8:30pm

Pilgrims can visit the temple in the above timings and can perform the pooja in these timings. Please note this timing are standard timings for all the services which are related to the Rameswaram temple. Pilgrims can book for the Seva for Darshan at the Temple counters which is opened at 04.30 Am along with timings of the temple. Advance booking is also available for some sevas in the temple.Pilgrims cannot book for the Seva or Pooja online as of now. But pilgrims can visit the temple and can book in advance at the temple counters.

The above timings of the temple might change during the peak season or else during the festival timings. The temple admisnistration will be informing the pilgrims well in advance about the changes.

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