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Rameshwaram Temple 22 Wells Timings

Rameshwaram Temple 22 Wells Timings as below provides the information about the well in the temple. Rameshwaram Temple 22 Wells are very famous wells in the temple where pilgrims will be taking baths. These wells are also referred to as theerthams. And each on every well in this temple has one name. Pilgrims will be taking bath in this well for good fortune when they visit the Rameswaram temple. Every pilgrim will definitely take bath in this well without missing. But due to the recent crowd, the temple authorities also has introduced advance booking for these well. Pilgrims can take bath in these wells during the allotted timings only.

Rameshwaram Temple 22 Wells Timings

The timings of the Rameshwaram Temple 22 Wells are in the Morning the wells are opened and available for batching from 05.30 AM – 12.00 PM. In the evening the wells will be opened and will be available for pilgrims from 03.30 PM – 06.00 PM.

The wells are opened daily without fail. And pilgrims need not take a dip in the well. The water will be served from the well with a bucket tied with rope to each and every pilgrim. And pilgrims have to pour the water on the head. A similar pattern is followed at each and every well.

Online booking is also available for the wells to take bath. The online booking slot will be available from 07.00 AM – 06.00 PM daily. During special occasions or festivals, there will be a huge crowd in the temple and hence the wells will have a huge crowd. But the tickets released for the booking will be limited daily.

The tickets released per day is 150 tickets only. Once pilgrims book the ticket they can report at the Main Entrance gate.

Click Here to Book for the Wells Online for Bathing at the Rameswaram temple

The duration at the wells for batching will be 40 minutes to 2 hours.




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