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Pitru Dosha Pariharam Puja Rameswaram

Pitru Dosha Pariharam Puja Rameswaram is very important pooja which is followed by lakhs of pilgrims. Rameswaram is the best place for the Pitru Dosha Pariharam, Pitru Dosha Pariharam is an very important pariharam and this dosha is a very dangerous dosha. People who have this Pitru Dosha Pariharam should definitely this pooja as soon as possible at the Ramwswaram town,

Pitru Dosha Pariharam Puja Rameswaram Details

Ticket of Pinda Tharpanam: Rs. 500

The Pitru Dosha pooja has to be performed by the people who have not done the tharpanam for the elders who have died in the family.

  • The Person who wants to perform the pooja has to reach the Rameswaram temple before one day
  • On the day of the pooja, the person should reach the Agni theertham
  • After reaching the Agni theertham, the person has to take bath in the theertham
  • At the agni theertham, there are lot of private pandits available to perform the pooja
  • The person has to change to dry clothes as the pooja should not be performed with wet clothes.
  • The pooja can be performed near the agni theetham itself based on the availability of the tickets
  • The homam will not be performed in all days. On special days only the homam will be performed. But pooja will be performed on all the days. Advance booking may require for the homam in the Rameswaram for the Pitru Dosha

Best Days for the Pitru Dosha Pariharam Puja

  1. Pooja can be done on all the days. But the below dates are best
  2. Aadi Amavasya
  3. Mahalaya Amavasya
  4. Pitra Paksha Day
  5. Sunday Amavasya

Pitru Dosha Pariharam Puja Benefits

There are a lot of benefits for the Pitru Dosha Pariharam in Rameswaram. But the Pitru Dosha Pariharam has to be performed immediately without any delay after the Dosha is confirmed. There will be a lot of issues for the Pitru Dosha.

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