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Tirumala Kalyana Katta Timings

Tirumala Kalyana Katta Timings as below provides the details about the TTD Kalayana Katta. Kalyana Katta is the place where pilgrims will be offering the hair for the Lord with head tonsure. The TTD authorities have employed hundreds of official barbers for the head tonsuring of the pilgrims. These barbers are employed by the TTD officially and are available in the Kalyana Katta in Tirumala. The Kalyana Katta is the best place for the pilgrims who want to provide a hair offering for the Lord. The service in Kalyana Katta can be availed by taking a token at the Kalyakatta.

Tirumala Kalyana Katta Timings

The Kalyana Katta Timings in Tirumala is from Morning 03:15 AM to 11 PM daily. During the peak day, there will be a huge crowd and queue in Kalyana Katta. But during the normal days, pilgrims can go without any crowd.

TTD has arranged head tonsuring facilities in all the major rest houses in Tirumala. But these facilities in the rest houses are available either for the pilgrims who stay in the rest houses only. So if any pilgrims is just travelling to Tirumala without any accommodation tickets, then they can go to the Kalyana Katta for the head tonsuring.

  • Pilgrims once reach the Tirumala can reach the Kalyana Katta. For the location of the Kalyana Katta in Tirumala in Google maps click here
  • Pilgrims can take the token in the Kalyana Katta and can go to the tonsure.
  • Pilgrims may need to follow the queue based on the crowd on the premises.
  • Once pilgrims finish the tonsuring, they can avail the bathroom facilities in the Kalyana Katta which is available free of cost.
  • After the head tonsuring is done pilgrims can go for the Darshan.
  • Please note, the premises and the wash rooms available at the premises in available free for the public.


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