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Maha Shivaratri 2022 Isha Online Ticket Booking

Maha Shivaratri 2022 Isha Online Ticket Booking as below provides the details about the festival in Coimbatore. Isha Foundation is well known for the amazing Maha Shivaratri festival which is conducted in their premises every year. After the inauguration of the Adi yogi status in the Ishan Foundation in Coimbatore, every year lakhs of pilgrims have been witnessing the Maha Shivaratri celebrating in the ashram. The Maha Shivaratri for the past couple of years has been conducted in limited numbers due to COVID. But the good news is, all the celebrations conducted at the Asharam is telecasted online streaming for the benefit of the devotees.

So if someone is unable to attend the program in person, then the program will be available online through live streaming on the Maha Shivaratri day.

Maha Shivaratri 2022 Isha Online Ticket Booking

Like previous year, this year also, the Maha Shivaratri celebration at the Isha center can be expected to be conducted in a limited number, or else it can be conducted in Private. The details of the program are yet to release. The details can be checked from the Isha center’s official website. Click Here to Visit the Official website of Isha Center for more details

The Maha Shivaratri Program will be conducted from 1st of March 2022 from 6 pm onwards at the Isha center in the Coimbatore in the presence of Sadhguru. Devotees can contact the Isha foundation for more details of the Maha Shivaratri celebration and the details about the tickets.

But mostly we can expect the tickets will be limited and will be released to a selected audience. So there will be a high demand for tickets for celebrations. The celebrations can also happen in private if the COVID cases go up,

Devotees can contact the Isha General Inquiries at 83000 83111 or an email to [email protected] for details about the program.

Isha Online webstream can be accessed here




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