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Pranahita Pushkaralu 2022 Dates

Pranahita Pushkaralu 2022 Dates as below provides the details about the Pushkaralu in the river of Pranahita. Pranahita river starts in Maharastra and mostly flows in the Telangana Region only. The Pushakaralu is the festival that is celebrated for the rivers in India for 12 rivers. Every year, the festival of Pushkaralu will be conducted for one year. This means each festival of Pushkaralu will be repeated every 12 years. The Pushkaralu will be done for only 12 rivers in the India One of them is the Pranahita river.

The Pranahita river will be pushakaralu in the year 2022. The Pushkaralu means, the lord of Pushkara will be entering the water of the river and will be in the waters for only 12 days in a year. These 12 days will be celebrated as the Pushkaralu for that particular river. Hence the name of Pushakaralu for that particular river has come.

Pranahita Pushkaralu 2022 Dates

  • This year the Pushkaralu for the Pranahita river will be starting at 3.45 PM on 13th-April-2o22. The Pushakaralu will be ending on 24th-April-2o22.
  • Most of the Pushakaralu will be held in Telangana state only as the majority of the river flows in the state of Telangana.
  • The pilgrims will be taking bath in the river which is having the pushkaralu festival and this taking ritual is called Pushkara Snanam.
  • Taking bath in the river during this Pushakara snanam is very auspicious and will be having a lot of effects on health and spiritual means.
    The pilgrims need to travel to the river in which the pushkaralu is happening and have to take bath in the river.
  • Then only it is considered as the Pushakara snanam. The Telangana government has made a lot of arrangements for the pilgrims who want to take part in the Pushkara Snanam. The pilgrims have to take bath only in the designated ghats for the Pushkara Snanam.

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