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Free Stay Dharamshala Kedarnath

Free Stay Dharamshala Kedarnath is about the accommodation near the Kedarnath for the pilgrims for a night’s stay and during the pilgrimage. The Kedarnath temple is most visited during the summer season in the Himalayas. For the remaining days the temple will closed and the pilgrims will not be allowed to stay in the temple or in the town. For the remaining months, the Kedarnath temple will be completely covered with snow and hence pilgrims will not be allowed the visit the temple.

This is the reason, the pilgrims who want to go to the Kedarnath temple pilgrimage will want to stay in the Kedarnath town at least for one day. There are some arrangements made by the Government which is basis and tens will available. Apart from that, there are some private guest houses which is available in Kedarnath for the pilgrims to stay.

To stay here in the guest houses for one night the pilgrims have to pay or book online for the rest houses. Apart from this, there are ashrams called Dharmashalas in the Kedarnath and also near the Kedarnath temple. This Dharmashala will be providing the accommodation for the pilgrims to stay in the Kedarnath for a night. The accommodation will be mostly free or some nominal amount will be collected. The Dharamshala is available in Kedarnath as below

Free Stay Dharamshala Kedarnath

The Dharamshala like Gayathri Bhavan, Rajasthan Seva Bhavan, Gujarath Bhavan, Meerut Mandal, Mewar Sadan, Punjab Sindh Awas and many more ashrams will be providing the accommodation for free in Kedarnath. There is advance reservation for the Dharmashala or online booking, the pilgrims have to reach the Dharmashala after reaching the Kedarnath and the accommodation will be provided based on the availability and priority.

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