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Vaastu Horseshoe Hanging Guide in House

Horseshoe Hanging in House

The horseshoe which has been used by horses when hanged inside a home is considered very auspicious. According to manhy Sastras like Vaastu, Feng-Shui and even for the western world hanging horseshoe in a home bring a great fortune and good luck. Essentially, this horse shoe helps the people who live in the home to keep away all the negative energy from the home and also considered that it brings great happiness in the home if the family was being tormented by ill spirits.

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How to Place Horseshoe on Main Door

The horseshoe has to be hanged outside the house somewhere near the main door. The horse shoe can be hanged on top or just beside the main door. According to many experienced people, the horse shoe has to be hanged in a “U” position. This is the default position to hang a horseshoe above the door. Please remember the horse shoe should not be hanged on a metal door at any and always has to be hanged on wooden door or else on a wall.

The ends of the horseshoe has to be kept pointing upwards and not downwards. The horseshoe basically is a powerful element and hence its highly suggested to follow the rules which the vaastu sastra allows.

How to Buy a Horseshoe

The horseshoe should always be old. The horseshoe should not be a new one at any cost. It has to be worn by the horse atleast for sometime to imprint the good luck on the horseshoe and hence the horseshoes which are being used for homes has to a old and has to be used by the horse.

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  1. Hello, I just purchased a horseshoe, but I am a bit confused if I should hang it or not. Because my main door is facing South-west, is it advisable to hang it still?


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