Vijayawada Durga Temple Kumkumarchana Timings Booking

Know the latest details about the Vijayawada Durga Temple Kumkumarchana Timings Booking, Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple Laksha Kumkumarchana

Kanakadurgamma temple perched atop Indrakiladri in Bejawada is one of the famous shrines in South India! Moreover, this temple is one of the Sri Shakti Peethas.

Kanakadurga Temple is a famous temple in Andhra Pradesh. It is situated on Indrakiladri mountain on the bank of river Krishna in Vijayawada city. It is the second largest temple in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Kanaka Durga Temple comes to mind when the name Vijayawada is mentioned. The idol of Amma in the temple is about four feet high. Adorned with dazzling jewels and flowers. The idol has eight arms. Each hand has a different weapon. Mahishasura is in a posture of piercing his heart with a trident.

Vijayawada Durga Temple Kumkumarchana Timings Booking

Vijayawada temple is most famous for the seva which is done in the temple. One of the famous seva which is conducted in the temple is the Kumkumarchana seva. This seva is also known as the Laksha Kumkumarchana seva in the temple. This pooja is similar to the Archana which is done in the pilgrim’s name but will be done by offering Kumkum to the Goddess. Below are the details of the Kumkumarchana in the Vijayawada Durga temple

Kumkumarchana  Timings: 8:45 am daily

Kumkumarchana Cost: Rs.1000

The pilgrims can book for the Kumkumarchana online or offline. The offline tickets might not be available during peak times or during the festival season. During normal days the pilgrims can directly to the temple and can book for the Kumkumarchana pooja. During the peak season or the festival season, the pilgrims can book Kumkumarchana tickets online.

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