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Vimana Venkateswaraswamy Tirumala Story

Vimana Venkateswaraswamy Tirumala Story

Who is Vimana Venkateswaraswamy

For the pilgrims who has visited Tirumala, they would have noticed one particular idle on the Ananda Nilayam which is the main gopuram of Tirumala will be highlighted in silver color on the south side of the gopuram. This idol is the idol of the Vimana Venkateswaraswamy. It is said that this idol is equal to the power of the Lord Venkateswara Swamy inside the temple and hence visiting or praying Vimana Venkateswaraswamy will bring the same benefits as visiting the Lord Sri Venkatewara in the temple.

Vimana Venkateswaraswamy Tirumala Story

For many people, the real reason of highlighting of the Vimana Venkateswaraswamy is not known. But we can see everyday almost all the pilgrims will be praying to the idol with out knowing to whom they are praying or why they should pray to Vimana Venkateswaraswamy. There are lot of stories surrounding Vimana Venkateswaraswamy from many years and on internet you can see people using their own imaginations to write different stories about the Vimana Venkateswaraswamy.

But the major story which is uncredited or unverified is the story of killing priests inside the temple. It is said that some king has killed priests inside the temple and hence them temple is closed for some years and pilgrims were praying to Vimana Venkateswaraswamy from outside of the temple. This story is fake as none of the historical sources refers to such an incident.

The real reason behind Vimana Venkateswaraswamy is Saint Vyasa Teertha, who lived here in the 16th century, was said to have attained moksha by steadfastly worshiping and meditating on the little image of Lord Venkateswara on the northeastern corner of the Ananda Nilaya Vimanam. That is why special significance is given to the Vimana Venkateswara. The Vimana Venkateswara now is bedecked in special silver and gold over the Vimanam. Hundreds of devotees are seen praying to the Vimana Venkateswara daily inside the temple.




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