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Yama Deepam 2023 Date Timings Tamilnadu Calendar Pooja Tithi

Know the details about the Yama Deepam 2023 Date Timings Tamilnadu Calendar Pooja Tithi, Tamil Yama Deepam 2023 Date Timings for Pooja

Yama Deepam is one of the important festivals for the pilgrims who celebrate mostly in Tamilnadu. The Yama Deepam is a short-span festival that is celebrated at particular timings. Normally, the Yama Deepam in Tamilnadu will be celebrated as per the Tamil calender. The Yama Deepam will be celebrated on the the day of the Deepavali festival.

Yama Deepam 2023 Date Timings

So the pilgrims who celebrate the Deepavali will be celebrating the Yama Deepam on the first day, Deepavali on the second day and the Nombu festival on the third day. For the people in Tamilnadu, the Deepavali festival is a three-day festival including the Yama Deepam. The Yama Deepam is celebrated in honour of the ancestors. On the Yama Deepam day, the pilgrims will be lighting an earthen lamp near their homes. Mostly the lamp will be lit before the home for the ancestors to guide them for the eternal spirituality.

Yama Deepam 2023 Date Timings Tamilnadu Calendar Pooja Tithi

  • The date of the Yama Deepam for the year 2023 is 10 November 2023. The pilgrims can celebrate the Yama Deepam festival during the Brahma muhurtham timings and the tithi.
  • This means the pilgrims can do the pooja and also light the lamp in the home between 2.00 AM and 05.00 AM in the morning. With this, the Yama Deepam festival will be completed in these tithi.
  • Apart from doing the morning pooja and lighting the lamp, the Yama Deepam festival doesn’t have much of the pooja procedure in the whole day.
  • The pilgrims can go to the Shiva temple or do the Shiva pooja at home on Yama Deepam day. The pilgrims can also make donations to the poor on the Yama Deepam which is good for the family and also the ancestors.

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