Tirumala Senior Citizen Rooms Booking Procedure TTD Online

Know the details about the Tirumala Senior Citizen Rooms Booking Procedure TTD Online, TTD Senior Citizen Rooms Booking Procedure Cost Timings

Tirumala temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every day. The pilgrims who visit the Tirumala temple wanted to have the Darshan in the temple and also rooms for the staying purposes. The pilgrims can book for the Tirumala Temple Rooms in two ways. One way of booking to the Tirumala rooms is through the online booking.

Tirumala Senior Citizen Rooms Booking

The other way of booking for the Rooms in Tirumala is online booking. Online booking for the Tirumala rooms is the best way for the pilgrims to get the rooms easily. The pilgrims can also book for the rooms in Tirumala offline. Means, the pilgrims can come to the Tirumala temple and then book for the rooms at the CRO office. The pilgrims will be provided with the special darshan in the Tirumala temple based on the category. One such darshan in Tirumala temple is the Senior Citizen Darshan. The pilgrims who fall in to this category will be provided as faster Darshan in Tirumala.

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Tirumala Senior Citizen Rooms Booking Procedure TTD Online

  • The pilgrims also check if the rooms will be provided for the Senior Citizens separately in Tirumala on priority. For now, the TTD is providing only the Senior Citizen Darshan on priority. The Senior Citizen pilgrims cannot get the rooms as the privileged Darshan.
  • So if the Senior Citizen pilgrims wanted to get the Darshan in Tirumala, then they have to get the Darshan like the normal pilgrims. The pilgrims need to book either online or offline for the Darshan.
  • If the Senior Citizen Pilgrims decides to get the Rooms in Tirumala offline after coming to Tirumala. Then they can reach to the Tirumala temple rooms office and get the Darshan.
  • There are separate queue lines for the Senior Citizen Pilgrims to get the rooms in Tirumala easily. Based on this the pilgrims can get the rooms in the budget they need in Tirumala.

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