Aadi Masam 2022 Muhurtham Dates Tamil Calendar Marriage

Know the latest details about the Aadi Masam 2022 Muhurtham Dates Tamil Calendar Marriage, Tamil Month Aadi Dates for the Marriage Functions

Aadi Masam is the fourth month in the Tamil Calendar. Like the English Calendar which everyone will be following, the Tamil people across the globe will be following the Tamil Calendar. This Tamil Calendar will be having 12 months similar to the English Calendar. The 12 months is named differently compared to the English calendar. The months are named as per the Tamil Culture. The Tamil Calendar will be starting from the month of April when the Tamil New year starts. The Tamil Calendar will be valid for next year’s Tamil new year.

Each and every month in Tamil Calendar will be having different meanings and purposes. As per the Tamil Calendar, each month will be having different rules and also different dates for different purposes. Some dates and month is not good for any functions and some dates are good for functions. These dates which are good for the functions are called the Muhurtham dates.

The Muhurtham dates will be varied for each and every month and hence for each month the dates will differ. The Muhurtham dates for the month of Aadi Masam is as below

Aadi Masam 2022 Muhurtham Dates Tamil Calendar Marriage

  • Unfortunately for the month of aadi there are no muhurtham dates The aadi Masam is not meant for functions or marriages. That is the reason, the functions will be stopped for the aadi Masam
  • However, for some people based on the birth chart and astrology, the aadi Masam muhurthams might be preferred. But this is a rare case for the aadi Masam.
  • If you want to perform the marriage or any function in the aadi Masam, then it is highly suggested to contact the astrologer for the good dates as it depends on the astrology and also the zodiac signs

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