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Chakra Theertham Tirumala Guide

Tirumala Chakra Theertham

Chakra Theertham is one more divine and spiritual waterfalls and pond in Tirumala. It is said that, once Lord Brahma work shipped Lord Shiva in this place and in order to cleanse this place Lord Vishnu has sent his Chakram to perform the cleansing and the chakram fell here. And hence this theertham has got its name of Chakra Theertham. The best time to visit Chakra Theertham is during the rainy season as the surrounding will be green and the pond will contain water to take a bath. A dip in this pond will relieve one from their sins. TTD has arranged some facilities to take bath in this pond and hence it will great to a dip in these waters.

Please remember to reach Chakra Theertham, once need to do some trekking or climbing rocks and hence for people who are not suitable for climbing rocks is not suggested to take this walk to Chakra Theertham

Location of Chakra Theerhtam:

The Chakra Theertham is located just after Sila Thoranam and once need to take a walk of 0.5 kms from Silathoranam and has to follow the sign boards. To reach SilaThoranam TTD runs frequent buses and some private taxis are also available to reach Chakra Theertham. The total distance of Chakra Theertham from the temple is around 2 kms.

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Timings of Chakra Theertham:

Pilgrims are allowed to visit Chakra Theerhtam from Morning 08.00 AM to evening 05.30 PM. All facilities like Water, Shops and eateries ends near Silathoranam itself.




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