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Gudimallam Temple Timings Today Open Close Pooja Schedule

Know the latest details about the Gudimallam Temple Timings Today Open Close Pooja Schedule, Guidmallam Temple Reniguta Pooja Seva Timings

Gudimallam Temple is an important archaeological site in the Chittor distinct. The temple is the abode of Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Parasurameswara Swamy. The linga which is inside the temple’s inner Sanctorum is very famous and also very unique. The Gudimallam Temple has thousands of years of history. The temple is an active archaeological site. For the past some years, the local priests are doing pooja in the temple. Even though pooja is performed inside the temple, the temple is not eligible for any pooja. The idol inside the temple has many marks and also damages in the stone history.

There are many pilgrims who visit the Gudimallam temple after visiting Tirumala or Srikalahasti. The temple is the midpoint of both temples. So the pilgrims who ever visit the Tirupati temple or the Srikalahasti temple will definitely visit the Gudimallam Temple.

Gudimallam Temple Timings Today Open Close Pooja Schedule

The timings and the pooja schedule of the Gudimallam Temple are as below. The temple will be opening daily at 6 AM in the Morning and will closing at 6 PM in the evening. The timings of the temple for all the days are as below

Friday 6am–6pm
Saturday 6am–6pm
Sunday 6am–6pm
Monday 6am–6pm
Tuesday 6am–6pm
Wednesday 6am–6pm
Thursday 6am–6pm
  • The temple also has idols or the small temple of other gods as well. The pooja will be conducted in all theses small temples also daily.
  • During the festive seasons, the temple will be seeing huge crowds. Other than that normally, the temple will be having less crowd in normal days.
  • The pilgrims who want to visit the Gudimall temple can follow the above timings of the temple

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