Guruvayoor Temple Krishnanattam Booking Online Rate Timings

Know the latest details about the Guruvayoor Temple Krishnanattam Booking Online Rate Timings, Guruvayoor Krishnanattam Status Today Online

Krishnanattam is one of the most important offerings in the Guruvayoor temple. The Guruvayoor temple will be having a lot of offerings. One of the most important offerings which the pilgrims do for the Lord here is the Krishnanattam. The Krishnanattam is the form of art which the pilgrims offer to the god as an offering. When something good happens in their families or in their life, then the pilgrims will be offering the Krishnanattam. The Process of the offering of the Krishnanattam to the Guruvayoor temple is made simple in the recent years

The pilgrims and devotees who want to offer the Krishnanattam have to reach the temple for the details. The details and procedure of the Krishnanattam in the Guruvayoor temple remain tentative for every pilgrim. The pilgrims can reach the temple office or the tickets for the details about the Krishnanattam.

Guruvayoor Temple Krishnanattam Booking Online Rate Timings

There are many forms of the Krishnanattam. The pilgrims can offer based on the occasion of the offering and also based on availability. The pilgrims themselves can offer the Krishnanattam as an art form. or the pilgrims can pay for the temple and the temple will include the names of the pilgrims when offering the Krishnanattam  from their side

Below are the forms of the Krishnanattam, that are offered in the Guruvayoor temple for different occasions.

  • Avathara is offered to the lord for childbirth in the pilgrim’s family.
  • Kaliyamardana to remove or reduce the effect of the poisons
  • Rasakreeda For the benefit of the happiness in married and unmarried couples
  • Kamsavadha to protect and remove the enemies
  • Swayamvara for the marriage purposes of unmarried people
  • Vividha vadha to for agriculture and the prosperity

There are some more art forms which pilgrims can offer to the Lord in the Guruvayoor as a part of the Krishnanattam

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