Infant Child Entry Darshan Tirumala Timings Book Status Process

Know more on Infant Child Entry Darshan Tirumala Timings Book Status Process, Entry point through Supadham, Persons allowed, and ticket cost for Tirumala Darshan.

Infant Child Entry Darshan Tirumala

Tirumala temple will be providing a lot of Darshan types for the pilgrims. One of the most important and also the best option Darshan for the pilgrims is the Infant Child Entry Darshan. This Darshan is introduced for the pilgrims who have Children within 1 year of age and to facilitate the pilgrims to have the Darshan in the temple easily. Most of the pilgrims who come to the Tirumala temple do not know such type of Darshan is available for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can avail of this Darshan for their benefit and also to get the easy Darshan.

Overview of the Infant Darshan Tirumala

  • Availabililty: Daily
  • Timings: 12.00 PM – 07.00 PM
  • Eligible Pilgrims: Pilgrims who have children below 1 year (Parents & Siblings below 12 years)
  • Reporting Point: Supdam Entrance
  • Prasadam: Free Prasadam Available
  • Document Required: Any Birth Proof
  • Booking Mode: Offline Only

Infant Child Entry Darshan Tirumala Timings Book Status Process

What is Infant Child Entry Darshan Tirumala

While visiting Tirumala or Darshan, carrying infants for Darshan and that too during heavy crowds is very difficult. Even though, it is suggested not to carry infants during heavy crowd seasons, TTD has made special arrangements for this purpose. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has privileged Darshan for Infants and parents from Supadham, which would drastically reduce the waiting time in queues and provide easy access to Darshan.

Infant Child Entry Darshan Availability Status

The Infant Child Entry in Tirumala is available for the pilgrims daily. As of Today, the Infant Child Entry is available for the pilgrims. The Infant Child Entry will be cancelled for the pilgrims during the brahmotsavams and also big festivals only. Apart from these occasions, the Infant Child Entry is available for the pilgrims daily. The pilgrims can come to the Tirumala temple and can avail the Darshan without any booking.

Infant Entry Darshan Timings

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The Infant Entry Darshan is available for the pilgrims in the below timings. Darshan Timings: 8.30 AM to 10.30 AM; 12 PM to 6 PM (Except during Other seva timings like Kalyanotsavam, Arjitha Brahmotsavam, Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva)

Darshan Eligibility

TTD has provided a privilege for Infant Children to pass through the Supadham entrance after which the queue is mixed with the general que from the last waiting queue complex. During any seva, this que will sent after the seva.

Age Limit of Infants for Privileged Darshan: 1 Year
Allowed Persons along with Infants: Parents, Siblings (Below 12 Years Only)

The pilgrims who have a child below 1 year are eligible for the Darshan. The pilgrims who have a child for more than 1 year, then not allowed for the Darshan. The pilgrims need to make sure they carry all the documents required for the Infant Entry Darshan in Tirumala.

Documents Required

The pilgrims who want to book for this Darshan have to carry the required documents for the Darshan. The pilgrims can carry any document which proves the age of the child. The pilgrims can carry the Sisu Aadhar card, Birth Certificate or any Government ID proof for the Darshan confirmation. The TTD staff will be accepting only the documents that are stipulated before itself by the TTD>

Darshan Ticket Cost

The cost of the Infant Darshan in Tirumala is available for the pilgrims free of cost. The pilgrims need not to pay anything for the Darshan. All the eligible pilgrims in this quota is allowed for the Darshan directly. The pilgrims can come to the reporting point in Tirumala, provide all the documents and can go to the darshan in Tirumala.

Darshan Entry Point

The pilgrims should first reach to the Supadam Entrance in Tirumala. The Supadam entrance is available near the temple south made street. The pilgrims can find the Supadam Entrance board near the Alwar temple and can access the reporting point using the steps near the temple. Darshan Entry Point: Supadham. Click here for Location of Supadham.

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Infant Entry Darshan Benefits

The pilgrims who use the Infant Entry Darshan in Tirumala can get the Darshan faster. The Infant entry Darshan takes the utmost of 1-2 hours. The pilgrims will not have any type of waiting list in the Infant Entry Darshan Tirumala. The pilgrims can keep on going to the Darshan in the queue line and will join the faster queue for the Darshan. This will help the parents carry the baby in a smaller crowd.

Darshan Tirumala Prasadam

The pilgrims who go to the Infant Entry Darshan will get the Darshan only. Prasadam will not be provided to the pilgrims specifically. However, the pilgrims will get the Free Prasadam in the Temple which is provided to all the pilgrims free of cost. Apart from this Free prasadam, the pilgrims will not get any other type of prasadam in the Tirumala temple. If the pilgrims need nay prasadam then they need to buy the same at the counter.

Darshan Allowed Items

The pilgrims can carry the baby items like milk, water, baby food and other items which is required for the baby. Apart from these baby items, the pilgrims are not allowed to carry any type of items to the Darshan. The pilgrims carry the baby items in the bag which is allowed in the temple.

Points to Note for Infant Entry Darshan in Tirumala:

  • You need to carry age proof for infants
  • No relatives are allowed except parent and siblings below 12 years
  • Parents need follow the compulsory dress code to enter from Supadam

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the eligible age for the Tirumala Infant Entry Darshan?

The pilgrims who have babies below 1 year age will be allowed for the Infant Darshan.

Is Infant Darshan available daily in Tirumala?

Yes. Infant Darshan is available daily in Tirumala. The pilgrims can check the live status as above.

Is Baby Food allowed for the Darshan in Tirumala?

Yes. Baby Food is allowed for the Darshan with the pilgrims.

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    Hello, I have donor privilege. We are planning on 3rd Oct 2023. One of my kids with 2yrs, does not have any photo ID proof. Website allowed me to add my kid to the family members list without ID proof. But when I tried to book tickets and accommodation on 3Rd Oct, it asked for photo ID proof for my kid. Does it mandatory to have photo ID proof for kids? I deleted my kid from the list and tried to book tickets but booking tab was disabled saying that we need to wait for 15 days if we delete any member from the list. So, if I try to book on 28th Oct 2023, will the tickets be available for 3rd Oct? Will my 2yrs kid be allowed without any photo ID proof? I have birth certificate. Please let me know. Thanks

  3. Parthiban says:

    Hello, My kids 13 months old. Is possible for darshan ?

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    Will infant darshan is available on 11th or 12th September 2023 Sir

  5. Hello sir infant darshan is available for baby on September 11th or 12th 2023

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  11. S JAMUNA says:

    Sir we have 10 months baby so we able to infant darshan on September 16 2023 is available sir

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    Hello Sir,
    Is infant darshan available on 3rd october 2023?
    Should I book prior online with the ID proofs ?
    Is child’s original passport enough for the ID proof ?

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    Hello sir.. infant dharsanam available September 19 th 2023

  14. Maha says:


    For baby age proof do we need original certificates or xerox is fine?
    Is aadhar card fine?

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    Hello, Is infant darshan available on the 3rd of September. What would the timings be for the darshan on that day?

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    Sir is infant dharshan available on 31.08.2023?

  20. Monica Hegde says:

    Hello sir,
    Is infant Darshan available on 23 and 24 September 2023?

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    Hi Sir, Is Infant child entry darshan is available on 29th November 2023.


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    Hi Sir,

    is Infant Darshan allowed on Nov 8th 2023? We have twins , so father can accompany 1 twin and mother can accompany another twin?

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    Hi is 26th and 27th infant supadam darshanam available sir pls inform us.

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    Hello Respected Sir/ Madam, We are planning to visit Tirumala on Dec 1-Dec10, 2023 ( exact date not decided yet) with our baby aged 6 months, Is infant Darshan available on these dates?, Do we need to carry original birth certificate of us and baby or just a xerox copy would be enough?

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    Is TTD infant dharsan available on Aug 19, 2023?

  27. Vinod says:

    Hello sir/madam,

    Infants darashan is available on 04-09-2023.

    Thank you.

  28. Laxman says:

    infant entry is not available on 20th or 21st of August 2023

  29. Balaji says:

    Hi, We are planning to go Tirumala with my 8 months old son ,7 years daughter and mother. And also my parents are coming with us. Their age 65 years plus. So, we all can go together? We are planning on 30th Aug 2023. Pls suggest if we need to take any appointment in advance.

  30. Deepakraj Srinivas says:

    Hello, Instead of birth certificate, is passport considered valid date of birth proof by TTD?

  31. Prashanth Singh Madanpalli says:

    We are planning for darshan along with our 10 months old infant on August 7th. Do we need any specific darshan ticket for us to go in this queue?
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    is the infant grandparents( 70 years) can go with grandson(infant) for darshan …?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Hello, No. Not allowed. Thanks

    • Vijayaraghavan Venkatadri says:

      Hello Sir,

      We are planning to come for infant dharsan on Aug 5, 2023(Saturday) with my kid who is 2 and a half months old. Whether infant dharsan is allowed on that day? What is the timing we have to report??

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    Hi my child as just 3month would entry for infant along with parents are allowed for Dharsha

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    hi sir
    ju;y 25 th 2023 mrng 8 o clk shall i go for tirumala for infant darsan . there is any festivals in that date.because festival date they told not allowed

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    Hi Sir,

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    Hi Team,

    Our baby is 6 month old and we live in London. We are looking for Supadam darshanam in August. Do we have to buy tickets or it’s free please confirm.
    Many thanks.

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