Kukke Subramanya Pooja List Sarpa Samskara

Kukke Subramanya Pooja List Sarpa Samskara as below provides the details about the pooja as below. Kukke Subramanya is the most important temple for the pilgrims of Lord Subramanya. in peak days and also important festivals, the pilgrims will be visiting in lakhs. mostly, this temple will be overseeing pilgrims in huge numbers during the weekends from the nearby cities. Otherwise, in weekdays, the temple is relative will be having a lesser crowd.

The Kukke Subramanya temple is also an important destination for the Sarpa Samskara pooja which is a very important pooja which is done by the priests in the temple for the people who has Sarpa Dosha in their astrology or as per their acts. The details about the Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara pooja is as below

Kukke Subramanya Pooja List Sarpa Samskara

  • Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara Pooja ticket price is Rs.3092
  • Sarpa Samskara will be performed for two days and the Pooja Timings for the two days will be as below
    Day 1 8:30 am – 12:00 pm
    Day 2 6:00 am – 8:00 am
  • The tickets can be booked online before 3 months of the pooja. As there will be a lot of demand for the pooja the pilgrims has to book for the pooja as early as possible.
  • The tickets are mostly not available as on arrival and the preference will be given to the pilgrims who book for the tickets in advance. The tickets can be booked online also on the temple’s official website.
  • The pooja is a very elaborate pooja and hence the pilgrims will take two days to perform the whole pooja.
  • The accommodation and also food will be provided by the temple itself and the pilgrims are not allowed to eat outside in these two days. There are lot of restrictions for this pooja and all the restrictions and rules will be initiated by the priest before and after the pooja is done

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