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Magha Masam 2022 Start Date Telugu calendar

Magha Masam 2022 Start Date Telugu calendar as below provides the informationa bout the start and end dates of the Magha Masam for the year 2022. Magha Masam is well know month for most of the auspicious functions. The dates and days in this month are very good. Also, this month is a very important and busy month. It is a busy month because the previous 2 months are followed by dates and days which are not good for any functions or auspicious works.

The Magha Masam is followed both in Telugu states and also in Karnataka. The culture dates and muhurthams are almost similar for all the three states.

Magha Masam 2022 Start Date Telugu calendar

  • For the Year 2022, Magha Masam starts on February 02 2022
  • The Magha Masam ends on March 02, 2022

Below are the important dates and days for the Magha Masam 2022.

  • 16 February 2022: Magha Pournami
  • 20 February 2022: Sankashtahara Chaturdhi
  • 02 March 2022 Amavasya

The dates of the festivals in this month remains same. There are no major festivals in this month. Most of the major festivals occurs before or after the Magha Masam. Hence this month is well known for Marraige Muhurthams. This month is very important for the Marriages and Marriage related works in the states which follows this calender.

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The Magha Masam is also very good for poojas in Home, Business related Pooja, Vrathams, Marraiges, Engagements and any other ceremonies which brings personal and professional growth. Pilgrims will be visiting the Lord Vishnu temple, or Sri venkateswara temples in this month. The Darshan of the Lord Venkateswara brings good luck in this month. Hence there will be huge crowd in those temples. This month is also well know for the Masa Siva Rathri which occurs in this month last. The Pornami date in this month is also very good for the Sathya Narayana Pooja




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