Mangalore Dasara 2022 Dates Kudroli Temple Navaratri Timings

Know the latest details about the Mangalore Dasara 2022 Dates Kudroli Temple Navaratri Timings, Kudroli Temple Navratri Dasara Dates 2022

Dasara Navarathri festival celebration in Karnataka is the most important state affair. One of the most important celebrating temples in the Karnataka state is the Kudroli temple in Mangalore. The celebration in the Kudroli temple is celebrated sky high. The pilgrims will be coming to this temple for the Darshan from across the country. The Dasara celebrations in the Mangalore Kudroli are conducted for 9 days. The pilgrims can visit the temple and take participation in the festival on any day in these 9 days.

The dates of the Mangalore Kudroli temple Dasara celebrations for the year 2022 is as below. Please note, the dates will be the same dates for all the Dasara celebrations throughout the country. The pilgrims can follow the dates of the Navarathri as usually for the Mangalore celebration as well. Below are the dates of the Mangalore city Dasara celebrations 2022.

Mangalore Dasara 2022 Dates Kudroli Temple Navaratri Timings

Mangalore Dasara 2022 Start Date: 26 September 2022

Mangalore Dasara 2022 End Date: 05 October 2022

  • The Dasara Navarathri in the city is celebrated throughout the 9 days on the above dates. The pilgrims can visit the temple in theses 9 days
  • The crowd will be high for the temple in the Dasara season. So the pilgrims have to plan accodingly. Especially on Vijaya Dasami day the crowd in the city will be more. So the pilgrims have to make sure they prepare for the crowd during the Dasara season.
  • The pilgrims can book the advance booking for the Darshan if it is available. But as of now, the temple has not made any announcement on the pre-booking and also on the online booking
  • So the pilgrims have to wait for the pre-booking in the temple. Also all the special pooja and Seva will be cancelled in the temple during the Dasara season.

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