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Navratri Durga Puja Havan Samagri List Dasara Order Online

Know the latest details about Navratri Durga Puja Havan Samagri List Dasara Order Online, Home Delivery Durga Puja Havan Samagri List

Goddess Durga is worshipped for the first nine days of Shuklapaksha, the Aswayuja month. Goddesses are worshipped in the name of Sharannavaratri. The last three days of these nine days are Durgashtami, Maharnavami and Vijayadashami. Students do book pooja, laborers do tool pooja, Kshatriyas do weapon pooja and become eligible for Goddess’s grace.

Durgashtami is also known as Maha Ashtami or Veerashtami. It is said in Puranas that earlier kings chose this time as an auspicious time to invade enemy kingdoms in the spirit of Ammavaru’s victory over Mahishasura.

Navratri Durga Puja Havan Samagri List Dasara Order Online

The Durga pooja on this Navratri day can be done with Pooja samagari. The Puja samagri will be having all the items which are required for the havan and also the Durga puja. In the market, generally, the Puja samagri will be available as packed items. The devotees can go directly and can buy the items easily.

The pilgrims can also order the Durga puja Samagri list online from many online providers. If the devotees can order the puja samagri list for the puja and havan before itself then the samagri will be delivered to home

  • It is strongly believed that metal was born when Goddess Durga slayed the demon ‘Lohudu’, hence the tradition of worshipping instruments made of metals continues.
  • Durga is the destroyer of evil. She became Durga because she was Durgeyura. “‘Dur’ in Durga means sorrow, poverty, addiction, poverty etc. ‘Ga’ means destroyer”. By worshipping her, the sufferings of evil spirits, ghosts, ghosts, ghouls and rakshas are alleviated.
  • So, the first three days worship the form of Durga and the Arishadvargas, the next three days worship Lakshmi for blessings, and the last three days worship Saraswati to get rid of all the sufferings. That is why, on Durgashtami, Durgasahasranama is recited along with the bijaksharam ‘Dum’ and Goddess Durga is worshipped.

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