Masi Magam Festival 2023 Tamil Date Timings Temple Pooja

Know the latest details about the Masi Magam Festival 2023 Tamil Date Timings Temple Pooja, Masi Magam Pooja temple details online booking

Masi Magam is one of the important festivals which is celebrated in Tamilnadu mostly. There are other south Indian states as well which will be doing this festival. This festival is celebrated under different names in different states. But in Tamilnadu this festival is celebrated as the Masi Magam. The Masi Magam festival arrives in the month of the Masi and hence the name. Precisely, the Masi Magam will arrive on the day of the Full moon day in the Masi Masam of the year.

Like the English year, the Tamil year also will be having 12 months. Masi month is one of the months which comes in the second half. The Masi month is considered as a good month for the pooja and vratham. Most marriages also will start in the Masi month. The Masi Magam festival is celebrated grandly in the temples of Tamilnadu.

Masi Magam Festival 2023 Tamil Date Timings Temple Pooja

Masi Magam Festival occurs in the month of March. The date of the Masi Magam festival in the year 2023 is 06 March 2023

  • The timings of the Masi Magam will start on 5th March and ends on 7th March
  • Most of the temples will be starting the pooja of the Masi Magam on the day of the Masi Magam. But some temples will allow the devotees to have darshan before the day and also after the day
  • The devotees who cannot go to the temple can celebrate the Masi Magam festival in their homes themselves. Generally, there will be no specific process for the pooja in the Masi Magam festival
  • The pooja will be decorating the pooja place and the god idols and offering prasadam in the afternoon. This marks the completion of the pooja for the Masi Magam Festival
  • The devotees who go to the temple will do fasting and then finish the pooja and darshan in the temple

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