Masi Month Tamil Calendar 2023 Start Muhurtham Dates

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Masi month is the 11th month in the Tamil Calender. Like the English calender the Masi month will be ahving the 12 month. Each month is named under different names as per the Tamil culture. The Year for the Tamil peopel will start from the Tamil Varshan Porappu which is also known as the Tamil New year. The people who follows the Tamil culture will be celebrating this festival. The people will follow the dates and also the Muhurtham dates as per this.

The year will be vaild for this year to next year New year as per the Tamil calender. Muhurtham dates are the dates which are good for the fucntions. These dates can be used for the Marriages, Engagements, House warming and other oepning and good fucntions. Below are the good muhurtham dates for the Masi month as per the Tamil Calender.

Masi Month Tamil Calendar 2023 Start Muhurtham Dates

The start date of the Masi Month Tamil Calendar 2023 is 13 February 2023

The End date of the Masi Month Tamil Calendar 2023 is 13 March 2023

  • The good dates for the muhurtham in this month is 18 Feb, 20th Feb and 6th March only. The people who want to do marraiges in this month has to make sure they consult an astrolger
  • Please note these good dates in the Masi month are for referernce only. It is highly suggested to consult an astolger before going to fix the date for any good fucntions
  • For marriages generally, the dates will be fixed for the people based on the astrology chart of the bride and groom. So only the dates will not be enough for the marraiges in Masi month
  • The festival of Maha Sivarathri will be falling in the month of Masi only. It occurs at the end of Masi month

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