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Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple Timings Today Pooja Schedule

Know the latest details about the Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple Timings Today Pooja Schedule, Mysore Chamundeshwari Hill Timings Daily

Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple is one of the must visit temple in India. This temple is one of the benchmark of the Indian hertitage and culture. Evey year, lakhs of pilgrims will be coming to the Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple and will be having Darshan. The Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple is the abode of Goddess Chamundeshwari which is another form of Goddess Parvathi. The temple is must visit place for the people who come to Mysore. This is the reason Karnataka tourism has included the Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple in the must-visit places

Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple Timings Today Pooja Schedule

Today’s timings and the Pooja Schedule at the Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple are as below as per the open and closing timings of the temple at the Chamundi hill

The Mysore Chamundeshwari temple opens at 07.30 AM every day and the temple will closes at 09 PM

Tuesday 7:30am–2pm, 3:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
Wednesday 7:30am–2pm, 3:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
Thursday 7:30am–2pm, 3:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
Friday 7:30am–2pm, 3:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
Saturday 7:30am–2pm, 3:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
Sunday 7:30am–2pm, 3:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
Monday 7:30am–2pm, 3:30–6pm, 7:30–9pm
  • The pilgrims are allowed for the Darshan of the Mysore Chamundeshwari normally on the weekdays. The temple might be a little bit crowded at the weekends and the pilgrims have to plan accordingly
  • Normally, thousands of pilgrims will be visiting the Mysore Chamundeshwari temple on weekends and on special days. This is the reason, the temple has made special arrangements for the pilgrims who can come by pre-booked tickets
  • The timings of the temple will not change normally. The timings of the might change during the special days and also special pooja
  • The pilgrims can reach the temple in the morning hours to make sure they get the darshan before the closing time at 2 PM
  • Click here to get the Google Map Location of the Mysore Chamundeshwari Hill


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