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Netra Darshan Tirumala Timings

Netra Darshan Tirumala Timings as below provides the information of the Seva in the Tirumala temple. Tirumala temple thrives with lot of sevas happening every day in the temple. The temple allows all the devotees to book and participate in the every day seva. These seavas are called as Arjitha Sevas. Also, along with Seva the temple also allows the pilgrims to have Darshan of different types. Out of these types of Darshan, the pilgrims are allowed to participate in some special seva also.

These special sevas as performed once in a week inside the temple. Based on the Seva booking and timings the pilgrims will be allowed to participate in the seva. Out of these Sevas the most important and also most liked seva by the pilgrims is the Netra Darshan. Netra Darshan is the most important type of Darshan which most of the pilgrims want to attend. This Darshan is well known in the pilgrims community who regularly visits the temple of tirumala.

Netra Darshan Tirumala Timings

Netra Darshan in Tirumala is allowed for the pilgrims on Thursdays from 8 AM – Midnight and closing of the temple. The netra darshan is alllowd for the pilgrims During Suprabatha Seva next day, during the Abhishekam and Nija Pada darshan seva on Friday. The Netra Darshan is a Darshan where the idol of the Lord Sri Venkateswara will be having very less ornaments. Also, the lord will be decorated with white clothes. Normally, the Thriu Namam which covers the Lord Completely will be reduced and pilgrims will be able to see the eyes of the Lord Sri Venkateswara. This is the reason, this Darshan is called as a Netra Darshanam.

Netra Darshan Tirumala Online Booking

Pilgrims need not to book for the Netra Darshan Seperately. Pilgrims who visit the temple and have Darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara in these timings through any type of Darshan like Rs. 300 Darshan, Sarva Darshan, Divya Darshan and VIP Darshan can have the Netra Darshan.

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