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No. 28 Tamil Pambu Panchangam 2022 PDF

No. 28 Tamil Pambu Panchangam 2022 PDF as below provides the details of the Pambu Panchangam for the Tamilians. The Pambu Panchangam is a very famous and also accurate panchangam for the Tamil people. For each and every year, the Pambu Panchangam will be released by the Publishers. People who want to follow the Pambu Panchangam can buy the panchangam from the below link. The PDF of the panchangam is currently not available from the publishers.

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No. 28 Tamil Pambu Panchangam 2022 PDF

The Panchangam is generally referred as the pambu panchangam because of the snake image on the cover page of the panchangam. This is the reason people call this panchangam as such. The snake is known as the moon on the cover page. The snake will have 27 circle on the images in it and it is represented to the 27 days in a month which the moon takes to complete the cycle of full moon day and also new moon days. The movement of the snake represents the movement of the moon in the sky in the motion of the snake due to the pull of the planers and their influences on the motion of the moon.

The Benefits of the Pambu Panchangam is as below

  • Keeping the Pambu Panchangam in the home is very good for the Dosha and also for good luck. many Tamil people keep this Pambu Panchangam in the pooja room of the home as it will bring good luck for everyone in the home
  • The Pambu Panchangam is very accurate and also very powerful for the nodes of Rahu and Ketu
  • Buy the Panchangam and keep it in the Pooja room and any issues regarding the family, business, job and marriages will be easily solved.
  • The Panchangam is followed by many scholars and astrologers throughout Tamilnadu
  • For people who are following any panchangam the pambu panchangam is highly suggested to follow
  • Buy the panchangam and keep in the pooja room to get the good luck and also good fortune for personal life, professional life and also business and family problems

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