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Tirumala NRI Darshan Online Booking Timings Procedure TTD

Know the details about the Tirumala NRI Darshan Online Booking Timings Procedure TTD, NRI’s Foreigners Privileged Darshan TTD Supadham

Tirumala NRI Darshan Online Booking Timings Procedure TTD

NRI’s and Foreigners can get privileged darshan in Tirumala by getting access to the Supadham entry. In order to get this facility, devotees should report to Supadham entry with relevant documents. Once the documents are verified and the Darshan fee is paid, NRIs can access Darshan through Supadham entry. Please note, this facility cannot be booked online and has to be accessed only on arrival.

Ticket Price of NRI Darshan: Rs. 300

Timings of NRI Foreigners Privileged Darshan Tirumala With Supadam Entry

Follow below for NRI Foreigners Darshan Tirumala Supadam Entry Online Book. NRI’s who want to get this facility has to report at Supadham entry from 12.00 PM to 06.00 PM every day. There is no special quota for NRI’s but the que will be joined to other devotees. The Que line will be of Special entry for Privileged People, Infant Entry, Physically Challenged people. This will reduce the time of waiting in the que considerably, which enables devotees to have Darshan faster. This is about NRI Foreigners Privileged Darshan Tirumala Supadam Entry

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Process to get NRI Foreigners Privileged Darshan Tirumala

  • NRI’s who want to get this Darshan should need carry valid passport with valid Visa Documents to get this Darshan
  • The Visa arrival Date should be less than 30 Days.
  • Once you  reach Supadham, You should fill a form and have to pay ticket price of Rs. 300 per person. Ticket is not required for children below 12 year age. Valid Age documents is required.
  • After the formalities are completed devotees will be allowed in to the que.
  • Only Devotees who are NRIs will be allowed. Relatives and Friends will be not be allowed with them.
  • NRI’s who holds OCI card also can get this facility by carrying their OCI card and also their valid passport.
  • Along with above documents carrying any other ID’s are also suggested.

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  1. Hi Team,
    Thank you for the inputs. Please confirm where do we keep our passports once we get the tickets. Are we allowed to carry any bags in to the temple so that passports and other documents can be saved ?


  2. Hello,

    Im an NRI, with a valid visa and port of entry, which is less than 30 days. si I know that I’m 100% eligible.
    1. Can I bring my parents and direct(own) sister for this darshanam?
    2. can I directly come to the temple? without booking in advance?

  3. Hello.. We have landed in India on 2/8.. We are 3 Indians with kid aged 9 and one US citizen aged 3.. Is NRI darshan available on Tuesday (22/8) ??

  4. Hi! I am an NRI from USA. Came to India on 5th July 2023. Will be leaving for USA on 30 August 2023. Plan to visit Tirupati for darshan on 20th August 2023. Am I eligible for NRI darshan? Thanks

  5. Hello,
    I am Hong Kong Permanent Resident cars holder staying in Hong Kong but I am holding Indian Passport, will I get darshan ? Am I eligible for NRI darshan ?

  6. My family Came to India on June 25th and I came by 25th July. Is it possible to have the privilege to enter the temple through supadam gate

  7. Hello, I am Indian origin, I have foreign passport, but no OCI card, am I eligible for NRI special darshan?


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