Purohit Sangam Tirumala Hire TTD Purohit Online Booking Priest

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Purohit Sangam Tirumala Hire TTD Purohit Online Booking Priest

Purohit Sangam Tirumala is an sangam in Tirumala which is maintained by TTD. The main objective of the Purohit Sangam is to make sure all the Purohit and Priests are available for the pilgrims to perform all the important pooja in Tirumala. The Purohit Sangam in Tirumala is mostly used for ear boring. ear piercing and marriages. Upanayanam and also other rituals are also performed by the Purohits in the Purohit Sagam in Tirumala

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Procedure to Hire Purohit Sangam Tirumala

Pilgrims who wants to perform any ritual, pooja or any requirement in need of purohit or priest can reach the Purohit Sangam Tirumala. The Purohit Sangam in Tirumala is located near Papavinasanam Rd, Tirumala. Once pilgrims reach the Purohit Sangam Tirumala, they need to specify what type of pooja they want to perform.

Pilgrims has to buy the ticket for the pooja based their requirement. The price of the tickets will be different for different types of pooja. Once pilgrims buys the tickets, a purohit from the TTD will be assigned to them based on their requirement and timings. Please note, purohit will only provided to the pooja which are performed in Tirumala only. Hired purohit will not travel anywhere apart from Tirumala. Once the pilgrims finishes the procedure and festival, the purohit work will be done.

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If pilgrims hire purohit for the marriage, they have to provide the relevant documents for performing the marriage and also to register the marriage. The relevant documents for the marriage has to provided at the Purohit Sangam only. The Purohit who is assigned for the marriage will be available for marriages which is performed in the Tirumala only. Pilgrims can use the purohit for the rituals like ear boring, upanayanam, engagement, aksharabyasam and marriage.

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