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Saptagiris of Tirumala

Tirumala Hills are generally referred as Sapthagiri which is also called Tirumala Hill and is situated in hill town of Tirumala, near Tirupati in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The hill is home of Lord Sri Venkateswara, who is the driving lord of millions of people. This hill is 853 metres above sea level and is about 10.33 square miles (27 km2) in area. The hill is comprissed o seven peaks, representing the seven heads of Adisesha, thus earning the name Seshachalam.

The seven peaks are called Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrushabhadri, Narayanadri, and Venkatadri. The temple is on Venkatadri (also known as Venkatachalam), the seventh and last peak, and is also known as the “Temple of Seven Hills”. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Venkateswara, a form of the Hindu god Vishnu. Venkateswara is known by other names: Balaji, Govinda, and Srinivasa.

What are the Seven Hills in Tirumala?

The seven hills, also called Saptagiri, represent the Saptarishis who are seven sages in the hindu legend. Hence the Lord is named Saptagirinivasa. The following are the seven hills:

Vrushabhadri – Hill of Nandi, the vahana of Lord Shiva)
Anjanadri – Hill of Lord Hanuman. it is said to be birthplace of lord Hanuman.
Neeladri – Hill of Neela Devi – It is believed that hair offered by the devotees is accepted by Neela Devi. It is because of boon granted by Lord Venkateswara to Neela Devi.
Garudadri or Garudachalam – Hill of Garuda, the vahana of Lord Vishnu
Seshadri or Seshachalam – Hill of Sesha, the dasa of Lord Vishnu
Naraynadri– Hill of Narada Muni
Venkatadri – Hill of Lord Venkateswara

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