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Alipiri: The Gate Way to Tirumala Venkateswara Temple

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Where is Alipiri?

Alipiri is situated at the foot of Tirumala hills and is the starting pointing of Walking steps to Tirumala. It is also known as Alipiri Padala Mandapam and also The Gate Way to Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. The three ways to reach Tirumala Foot Steps, One Road way up and One Road down meets here. Anyone starting to Tirumala from Tirumala has to go through Alipiri.

What is the Meaning of Alipiri?

Alipiri means “Resting Place”. In older days pilgrims used to climb all the seven hills only through the stepped way on foot, as there was no other option. Hence the pilgrims came from long distances used to take rest for some time there, cooked their food, eat there. After taking rest they started to climb the steps. And hence this place has got its name for this custom.

Alipiri Today

Nowadays all the stepped way is covered with roof to protect the pilgrims from sun light and rain. The lights are also provided. Special privilege is provided to the pilgrims who came on foot for the visit of the god. There are two temples in Alipri and two Gopurams. For people who are going through walk from Tirumala, can drop their luggage here in the luggage counter and can walk. The luggage can be collected in the Luggage center in Tirumala, which will transferred in two hours. Also, at Alipiri, a security zone was established, in 2009, to screen vehicles and pilgrims entering Tirumala, to safeguard the hills from terrorists and anti-social elements.

Footsteps to Tirumala

There is an ancient footsteps path to Tirumala, that starts from Alipiri known as Alipiri Metlu. The Devotees to fulfil their Vow to Lord Venkateswara will take this path to reach Tirumala on foot from Tirupati. It consists of a total 3550 Steps which makes a distance of 11 km. There are Four Gopurams(Temple Towers) on the way. It is completely roofed and passes through seven hills which are part of Seshachalam Hills.

Alipiri and Tirumala Walking Path Timings:

Distance to Tirumala: 11 km

Steps: 3550

Time To walk: Usually 4-6 hours depending on person

Facilities: Completely Roofed path with Water Facility to each 50 steps and Hotels near Gali Gopuram (After 1800 steps)

Timings: Open 24 hours

alipiri map route

How to Reach Alipri & Tirumala Foot Steps

Alipiri is 4 km from Tirupati Bus stand and Railway station. You can take TTD Free bus to Alipiri from Bus stand or Railway  station. Or You can get in to any  Tirumala bus and can get down at Alipiri.

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