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Shukra Moudyami 2022 Date Timing Telugu Panchangam Moodam

Know the latest details about the Shukra Moudyami 2022 Date Timing Telugu Panchangam Moodam, Shukra Moodam Start End Dates 2022

Shukra Moudyami commonly known as the Shukra Moodam is the phase of the Sun in astrology. As per the Astrology, the Planets Jupiter and also the planet venus movements decide the Shukra Moudyami. This is also knowan as the Shukra Moodam. During this phase of the Sun and also the planet Venus it is said that there will be problems in doing good this. This year 2022, the Shukra Moudyami is for almost 3 months. Below are the details about the Shukra Moudyami for the year 2022.

Please note, that some people who don’t follow the Telugu or Tamil Panchangam and calender will not consider the Shukra Moudyami. So as far the astrology is concerned the Shukra Moudyami is for the people who follow the Tamil Calender or the Telugu Panchangam.

Shukra Moudyami 2022 Date Timing Telugu Panchangam Moodam

  • 2022 Shukra Moudyami Start Date: 15 September 2022
  • 2022 Shukra Moudyami End Date: 02 December 2022

The Shukra Moudyami will be in effect from September to December months. So alomost for 3 months. In these months generally, the Karthika and other months will fall in. These months are generally good for good things. But due to the Shukra Moudyami these months will not be good for certain actions as below

During the Shukra Moudyami the below actions and works should not be done.

Things that can be done during the Shukra Moodam

  • Annaprasana can be done. Can travel. Home repairs can be done. Lands can be bought, and sold and agreements can be made.
  • Can join new jobs. Can go abroad for education/job. Can buy new vehicles and clothes.
  • Jatakarma, horoscope writing, Navagraha Shantulu, Japa, Homadi Shantulu, Gandanakshatra Shantulu festivals can be performed.
  • Seemantam, namakaranam and Annaprasanam programs can be done. Shastra indicates that if pregnant women and infants have to travel under mandatory circumstances, Shukra Dosha will not apply if they travel with their husbands during Ashwini in auspicious tithus and Revati stars in auspicious hora.

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