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Tadiya Gowri Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu Vratha Katha At Home

Know the details about the Tadiya Gowri Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu Easy Procedure At Home, Tadiya Gowri Pooja Vratha Katha Online

On the day of Bhadrapada Tadiya, women perform special rituals of Undrala Tadiya Noma to get good fortune. This name is also known as Modaka Tritiya. It is called Undrala Tadiya as it is the name of Undrallu. It is a two-day festival. Puranas also say that Lord Shiva explained the reality of this Vrat to Goddess Parvati. This name is observed on the day of Undrala in the year of marriage.

On the previous day, we should give gourd, yellow saffron, saffron seeds and sesame oil to five elders and invite them to come to our house to take tambulam. Muttaidhus and those who practice Noma should wear a gourd. On the second day, on Bhadrapada Tritiya, one should get up at 4 o clock in the morning and have a meal of Gongura greens.

Tadiya Gowri Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu Vratha Katha At Home

  • Take Abhyanga bath after dawn and fast without eating any food till evening. Make Undrallu with rice flour and cook them to Gauri Devi and another five Undrallu should be offered to five Muthaidus. Elders say that if you recite this name for five years, you will get a good husband.
  • Gauri Pooja should be done in the afternoon to get all the auspicious things. Five piles of thread should be tied, five knots should be tied and seven Torahs should be placed next to the goddess and worshipped. One toram should be tied for the goddess, one for the devotees, and the remaining five, five for the Muttaidhus. Mix jaggery in the rice flour, chill it and make five Undrallu and offer it.

    After the pooja, the story should be told with Akshinta in hand. The story of this Vrata is that once upon a time a courtesan captivated the king of that country with her beauty. One day the king asked her to marry him. She arrogantly blamed God and refused to accept it. As a result, thieves steal all her wealth. Moreover, she will be affected by a great disease. Later, on the advice of the king’s priest, Indra took a bath, regained her wealth, became healthy and spent the rest of her life spiritually, and after death went to the world of Gauri. It is Garvishti who got such good deeds because of this name!

  • The moral of this story is to imagine how much higher the result will be for those who behave well.

    After the puja, the tora in the plate placed at Gauri Devi should be tied to the hand and after serving the meal at 5 o’clock, one Vayana should be given to each person.

    According to Ayurvedic science, gongura is a heating agent and peruganna is a cooling agent. Head bath cleans the head and gongura curd rice gives vitality to children.

  • In the old days, all the farmers who went to the fields used to go and eat the grown gongura or avakaya and come back at two o’clock in the afternoon hungry. This food mixture will give you energy.
  • In some places, sesame seeds are also added to this mixture. Due to this, colds, coughs, nose and eye inflammations caused by rains in Shravana Bhadrapada month will not come. That is why elders have arranged festivals according to nature since ancient times.

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