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Atla Taddi Pooja Vidhanam Katha Telugu Easy Procedure At Home

Know the latest details about the Atla Taddi Pooja Vidhanam Katha Telugu Easy Procedure At Home, Atla Taddi Vratham Procedure Vratha Katha

All the things and complexes should be arranged from the day before this Atla Taddi festival. Women put gourds on their hands and feet at night to beautify themselves. Applying this also gives some good results. After getting up early in the morning, finish the daily activities and take a bath. Do not touch any foodstuff after the morning meal. The whole day should be without food.

In the evening, a special pooja is performed to Goddess Gauri and the moon is visited. After that, they eat Atlu which is the speciality of this festival and break the fast. Mostly 11 types of curries are prepared on this festival day.

Atla Taddi Pooja Vidhanam Katha Telugu Easy Procedure At Home

  • On the day of Atla Thaddi, one should wake up early in the morning and bathe the head. Offering incense, lamps, offerings and after Vinayaka Puja, Gauri Stotram and Shlokas should be recited.
  • After the moon sighting in the evening, return to Gauri Pooja and offer 10 atlu. After that, ten atlas and ten fruits are offered to the bridegrooms. Atla taddi Nomu story should be told and Akshata should be worn. Muttaidhus should be fed with black beads, lackakolli, ravika cloths, and dakshina tambulas and should eat themselves.
  • Kalash is placed in puja. Gauri Devi and Ganapati are kept with turmeric. Rice is poured on a plate, dumplings made like dippas are placed in the middle and turmeric saffron is placed in it. The centre is decorated with flowers. It is considered Kailasa.
  • In the puja, the story of Atlataddi is recited after the completion of Lalita Sahasranamam and Gauri Ashtottaram. 11 atlas are given to each person, and one of the kudums placed at Gauri Devi’s place is placed on each one and played with tambulam.
  • Women who have received Vayanam in Atlathaddi Nomulo should eat that atlu only by themselves or their family members. The jacket cloth is given in Vayanam. Those with power wear sarees.
  • While offering Vayanam, women bring forward their arms and place the Vayanam in them. So are the women who receive it.

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