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Atla Taddi 2022 Date Timings Pooja Telugu Panchangam Calendar

Know the latest details about the Atla Taddi 2022 Date Timings Pooja Telugu Panchangam Calendar, Atla Taddi 2022 Pooja Dates Muhurtham Timings

Atla Taddi, is also one of the main festivals of Telugu people. This festival is also known as Atla Tadiya. Aswayuja month is known as Atla Taddi on multiple Tadiya days. Especially on this day, all the girls join together and swing the hammocks on the trees. “Atla taddi aratlu..muddappu mudatlu” are sung and sung to girls, relatives and neighbours.

It is natural for every married girl to dream about her future husband and married life. They do many vows and vows to fulfil those dreams. In this, Atlathaddi Nomu, which is celebrated annually, is important. This festival is celebrated on the next day after Vijayadashami in the month of Ashvayuja. Girls above five years of age and up to five-year-olds are doing this ritual.

Atla Taddi 2022 Date Timings Pooja Telugu Panchangam Calendar

The date of the Atla Taddi festival for the year 2022 is on 12 October, Wednesday

2022 Atla Taddi Festival Pooja Timings: 05.30 PM – 08.00 PM

  • While unmarried girls pray for a good husband, married women want a good husband to be healthy. Generally, this puja must be done ten years after marriage and vayanalu are done to mark its completion.
  • This is the unique Vrata that Goddess Parvati first performed to get Lord Shiva as her husband at the instigation of Narada, the wanderer of three worlds. Vrata is performed by women for prosperity.
  • Moon worship is the main worship in this. A woman’s well-being is enhanced by the grace of power measured in Chandrakala. Shastras say that happiness flourishes in the family. There is an implication in offering them to Goddess in this festival. Among the Nava planets, Kujdu means great love.
  • It is believed that if they are offered to him, Kuja Dosha will be cured and no disturbances will come in the world. As it is the cause of Kuja Dosha, it keeps the menstrual cycle regular and prevents menstrual problems. This will not cause any problems in pregnancy.
  • On the day of Atla Taddi, one should wake up early in the morning and bathe the head. Offering incense, lamps, offerings and after Vinayaka Puja, Gauri Stotram and Shlokas should be recited. After the moon sighting in the evening, return to Gauri Pooja and offer 10 atlu.

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