Srinivasa Mangapuram Abhishekam Timings Online Booking Status

Know the latest news about the Srinivasa Mangapuram Abhishekam Timings Online Booking Status, Srinivasa Mangapuram Temple Abhishekam Seva

Srinivasa Mangapura Temple is one of the temples under the administration of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam. Srinivasa Mangapuram is one of the must-visit shrines for spiritual devotees. In this Srinivasa Mangapura, Swami Vari Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swami is worshipped and fulfils the wishes of the devotees.

This place is named Srinivasa Mangapuram as it is the land where Sri Venkateswara wandered along with Ammavari after his marriage. The temple was renovated in the 16th century by Tallapaka Chinathirumalaya, the grandson of Tallapaka Annamachuryula, who is famous for its location.

Srinivasa Mangapuram Abhishekam Timings Online Booking Status

  • The Srinivasa Mangapuram Abhishekam is conducted every day at the temple. The pilgrims can attend the seva at the temple
  • The timings of the Srinivasa Mangapuram Abhishekam is from Morning 05.30 AM – 07. 00 AM
  • To attend the Srinivasa Mangapuram Abhishekam the pilgrims have two options to book for the seva. The first option is to book online from the TTD online website. The Second option is to book Offline at the temple itself
  • During normal days, the pilgrims can come to the temple and directly get the tickets as there will not be more crowd. But during weekends of the season, the pilgrims can book for the Srinivasa Mangapuram Abhishekam online at the TTD website
  • The procedure to book for the Srinivasa Mangapuram Abhishekam is the same as booking the Tirumala Tickets Online
  • Once the Abhiskenam is completed in the temple, the pilgrims will be provided with the Prasadam. The total pooja will take around 2 hours. So the pilgrims have to plan accordingly
  • According to Sthalapuranam, after the marriage ceremony of Srinivasa in Narayanavanam, Srivenkateswara leaves for Tirumala along with Padmavati. According to Shastra, a married couple stays in Agastya Ashram for six months as Agastya Maharshi said that they should not climb hills or go to shrines for six months. At that time he used to spend most of his time in Srinivasamangapuram which is located on the banks of the Kalyani river near Tirumala hill.

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