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Soora Samhaaram 2022 Date Timings LIVE Telecast Online

Know the latest details about the Soora Samhaaram 2022 Date Timings LIVE Telecast Online, Soora Samhaaram Telecast Online LIVE Program

We all know that Subrahmanyaswamy is the second son of Parvathiparameswara as per Puranas. This lord is known by various names in South India as well as in other parts of India. If measured as Subrahmanyaswamy in our Telugu states.. As Murugan in Tamilnadu state.. In states like Kerala and Karnataka, they are worshipped as Karthikeya and Kumaraswamy.

Soora Samhaaram is one of the important festivals in Tamil Nadu. This festival is also known as Skandashakti or Kandashakti. This festival is celebrated by all Hindus. Elders say that this festival is celebrated after Subrahmanyaswamy kills the demon Tarakasara. According to the Hindu calendar, Kanda Sashti is celebrated on that day in the month of Kartika in South India.

Soora Samhaaram 2022 Date Timings LIVE Telecast Online

  • Soora Samhaaram date for the year 2022 is on 30 October 2022, Sunday. The timings of the Soora Samhaaram in the temples will be mostly in the evening from 6 PM
  • Kanda Shakti festival is celebrated for 6 days. On the sixth day, devotees observe a strict fast. Devotees believe that this will increase their power. Fasting on this day is also known as Kanda Shakti Fasting. There are various Murugan temples in South India. On the day of Kanda Shakti, Murugan temples are beautifully decorated and special pujas are performed there.
  • The most famous Tiruchendur temple in South India is the place where Soora Samhaaram ceremonies take place. Lakhs of devotees flock to the Kumaraswamy temple for this Surasamhara program.
  • The Soora Samhaaram events will be done as a LIVE telecast on most major television channels. The pilgrims can view the Soora Samhaaram events on Youtube channels as well
  • Most of the local TV channels will be covering the Soora Samhaaram event live telecast and will be providing the same online as well

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