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Thila Homam Procedure Rameshwaram

Thila Homam Procedure Rameshwaram  as below is the homan done for the Pitru dosha pariharam in the temple. Rameswaram temple is the best temple in the country to perform all the pooja and homam which is related to ancestors as per the hindu traditions. The major aspect and activity which is related to ancestors is leaving tharpanam to ancestors every year. This activity has to be done regularly every year with the help of pandits. If the tharpanam is not done properly or regularly then the ancestors in the family will become restless and hence it will result in a lot of issues which is related to family members.

Hence it will form as dosha which will be very powerful. This dosha can be get rid of by performing the Thila Homam in Rameswaram and which will pacify the ancestors and the Dosha is removed.

Thila Homam Procedure Rameshwaram

  • For Thila Homam in Rameswaram advance booking is required. Pilgrims can book online from the Rameswaram official website.
  • Pilgrims can select the date for the homam in Rameswaram
  • On this day of homam, the pilgrims has to reach the town before 1 day itsefl
  • On the day, the person who is performing the Thila Homam has to report at the point of homam. The home will be performed in the Mantap in the temple.
  • The homam can be performed by a single person or as a couple.
  • Once the person who is performing the Homam reaches the point, has to take bath in the Agni theertham
  • After the bath, the clothes have to be changed and the homam has to be performed. Then after the homam again the person has to take bath in the Agni theertham once again and has to change to new dry clothes
  • The person has to wear traditional clothes only like Dhothi and Saree. The western outfit is not allowed.
  • The pilgrims can book for the Thila Homam at the temple counter inside the temple in advance as well.
  • The cost of the homam will be 12k -18k

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