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Tirumala Sanivaralu 2022 Dates Timings Saturday Govinda Pooja

Know the latest details about the Tirumala Sanivaralu 2022 Dates Timings Saturday Govinda Pooja, Tirumala Sanivaralu Month for Lord Balaji

Tirumala Saturdays are celebrated in the Tamil month of Puratasi. This month falls in the month of September or October. Devotees believe that Lord Venkateswara came to earth this month.
Devotees perform special pujas in Vishnu temples considering Saturdays of this month as sacred. In this month itself, there is a huge crowd of devotees as the Brahmotsavam is held for Tirumala Srivara. Many devotees take only vegetarian food this month.

This custom is especially seen in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.

Tirumala Sanivaralu 2022 Dates Timings Saturday Govinda Pooja

Tirumala Sanivaralu 2022 Start Date: September 18 2022 

Tirumala Sanivaralu 2022 End Date: October 17 2022

  • Wake up early on Saturday morning, finish bathing, clean the puja room and decorate Lord Venkateswara. Start the pooja and make a resolution. Pramida should be made by mixing rice flour, milk, jaggery and banana.
  • Put seven wicks in it and light a lamp with a cow’s head. Puranas say that on this day, which is very dear to the Lord, Vaishnavas used to worship Sri Hari with regularity. So Ashtaiswaryas are prepared for those who take a bath early in the morning and light a lamp with cow’s head or sesame oil in front of Tulsikota.
  • It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi is constantly measured in the house of those who do this. Those who light a lamp with cow hair in the Venkateswara temple on Saturday evening will get rid of their sorrows and attain happiness.
  • Puranas say that if you worship the Lord for seven Saturdays, all the sins will be removed, all the work undertaken will go smoothly, and the desired desires will be fulfilled.
  • Every day in Hindu culture is special. Each day of the week is assigned to a different god. Srinivasa, the living deity of Kali Yuga, is worshipped on Saturday. Konetirayu, the harbinger of danger, is the god of the kongu bangaru who gives the desired boon. Tirumalesha who shines on Saptagiri is the saviour and rescuer of the orphans who saves the devotees from danger. However, due to the influence of present and past karmas, we experience many hardships in life. The reason for this is the glory of Shaniswar, the giver of karma.

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