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TTD Accommodation Caution Deposit Room Refund Status Check

Know the latest details about the TTD Accommodation Caution Deposit Room Refund Status Check, Tirumal Rooms Deposit Refund Customer Care

TTD has made key changes in the booking process of rooms on Tirumala hill. In order to book the rented rooms, the devotees have to pay a caution deposit. This deposit (plus the number of rooms booked) should be paid at the time of booking the rooms online. Devotees get to return the deposit at the time of vacating the room.

This will also be applicable to the devotees who are currently doing online booking. TTD says there is a strong reason behind bringing in this new policy. Some devotees book rooms online and do not come to Tirumala. Due to this, that room is left empty. The rest of the devotees are facing difficulties. There are many problems during rush hours.

TTD Accommodation Caution Deposit Room Refund Status Check

  • The security deposit is to be paid at the time of check-in. At present, the devotees who have booked the rooms in advance online have to pay a caution deposit.
  • An additional amount of one day’s rent for the room is to be paid in advance. TTD refunds the security deposit fee to the account where they have deposited money at the time they vacate the rooms.
  • Devotees who come for Tirumala darshan book the rooms in advance through the current booking and online booking system. After vacating the rooms, the authorities is sending the refund eligibility statement to authorized banks such as Federal Bank and HDFC Bank within 3 pm of the day.
  • The concerned bank staff will send it to the concerned merchant services within 12 midnight of the same day. This cannot be done on holidays. Merchant Services will deposit their money into their accounts the next day.
  • However, the TTD officials found that the banks, which have paid the caution deposit money, will be delayed in depositing it back into the devotees’ accounts. However, according to RBI regulations, the bank has to refund the caution deposit in the devotees’ accounts within seven working days.

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  1. my deposit amount not refunded, I’m trying to customer care and another refund contact number no one answer it’s already 15 days over,from last 15 days I’m trying

  2. Sir, I Have booked accommodation for 1 day on 21-07-2023 and paid 1999 towards rent and caution deposit wide invoice no IAJT26052302749790 DT 26-05-2023 and vecated on 22-07-2023 when asked about refund amount they said with in one week it will be credited to my a/c but till now it was not credited.

      • Booked room on Aug 5th 2023 still haven’t received refund (1000/-) and customer service number is not working.. can you please help me with correct number!!

      • I have been trying to contact the customer service but no one are responding, I need to get the refund amount by 16th August but till now no response. What is happening need to respond atleast.

          • I have tried so many times, why do you won’t care at all. To know this details we have to comeback again to tirupati for the refund. So please respond to the issue and try to solve ASAP.

  3. My refund is not received due to the reason that I paid thru Credit card but it was blocked due to fraud at the time of refund. I booked accommodation for 31st July.
    Can you send thru any other means?

    • Sir once check when u paid the amount in tirumala 550/- amount they have send one message in that note UPI reference no you will received, after vacating room u will get room successfully vacated room, after one or two days you will credited refund amount with same UPI reference no. Plz go through!!!! Om Namo Venkateshaya
      Rajesh Nagella

  4. I booked the TIRUMALA accommodation on 10-08-2023 time -6:00pm to 11-59pm .but I didn’t reached on that time to tirumala .if the money I can pay is refunded or not …

  5. I have vacated on 19th July from SPT – 35 room and handed over keys and was told that refund will be adjusted with in a week days, but still I didn’t receive the amount.

  6. I have vacated the ttd accomodation on July Jul 15 2023 10:22AM and application no:- A07151056 but till not receive deposit amount and I tried customer care number but not connecting to customers. Vacation code 105989 . This is very disappointed for TTD management. They’re cheating for refund amount.

  7. Room No HVC 695-H Vacated on 20/07/2023 7.00am but refund not deposited in my account sir please take a look on it

      • Room No SPT-28 was vacated on 2nd July 2023 at 16:50 Still My Deposit has not been refunded, Plz request you to look into it.

      • Hello sir,
        I have booked room on 17th July 2023 for Rs.1,700/- per day and paid 3,4000/- through my debit card and extended one more day (18th July 2023 and paid Rs.1,700/- again.
        I vacated the room on 18th afternoon itself about 1 pm and I am supposed to get back my caution deposit of Rs.1,700/-
        But till now I didn’t get any credit / message.
        Please look into this and process the same.
        If you need any information from our end…please text me

  8. Sir/Madam,

    we stayed in tirumala on 28th June 2023, but till now our refund not received.
    accommodation allotment number – 6623062803118

  9. Hello sir This is Panchangam venkatesh
    TTD online room eas alloated on 5 th july at varahaswamy 1 Guest house and we awere vacated on 6 th july afternoon before stipulated time. But yet no refund amount is received till now., it almost 12 days completed. Please do necessary action immediately

  10. July 8 th 9:38 am we booked the room in padmavati counter and 9 th july 7: 30 am. Vacated the room still we didn’t get the advance amount 1700

  11. Myself also vacated room on 01.06.2023, Room Allotment no – 6623053101037. Not get the refund for deposit. Never expected that TTD will do like that. very disappointed. Please do the needful.

  12. How to contact the people of TTD, where I have vacated room on 11th June 2023 but till now caution deposit is not credited to my account it’s been 17 days?!..

  13. Sir I vecated the room on 11.06.2023
    Still i have not received my cation deposit my allotment no 6623060902467 please refund as early as possible


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