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Tirumala Srivari Thulabharam Complete Guide

Tirumala TTD Srivari Thulabharam History

Srivari Thulabharam in Tirumala is seva which is unique and can be performed by devotees inside the temple. The early history of Srivari Thulabharam dates back to the age of Sibi Chakravarthy, who weighs himself and offers all parts of his body to the lord. The Srivari Thulabharam in Tirumala means donating the things like rice, sugar, jaggery, Sugar candy and coins to the equal weigh of the person who wants to perform the Srivari Thulabharam.

Srivari Thulabharam & Niluvu Dopidi

Unline  Srivari Thulabharam, Niluvu Dopidi is a procedure where the pilgrims actually donates in the Hundi whatever he has in hand and wearing including ornamanets.

TTD Srivari Thulabharam Tickets Cost Booking

There is no extra ticket or payment to perform Srivari Thulabharam. One can perform Srivari Thulabharam once they reach inside the temple premises with any ticket. No Pre Booking or Online Booking is needed

Srivari Thulabharam Venue

The venue of the Srivari Thulabharam is the Padi Kavali inside the temple. One can see the Weigh (Tula) and other object near Padi Kavali which is used for weighing a person.  After Mahadwaram, you can see the venue on the left side.

Srivari Thulabharam Timings

Srivari Thulabharam can be performed any time. But the seva can be performed only during the temple darshan timings and can be performed every day.

Srivari Thulabharam Procedure

The procedure for the Srivari Thulabharam is made very simple. The objective of the Srivari Thulabharam is to donate some object as per the wish of the pilgrim which is equal to his weight. The object ranges from Rice, Jaggery, Sundar Candy and Coins. There is Age limit for Srivari Thulabharam and anyone can perform the Srivari Thulabharam.

The procedure of the Srivari Thulabharam is as below

  • Whatever Darshan you have booked for, you can enter the que and once you  reach inside the main temple you can see the weighing machines near Padi Kavali
  • Pilgrim who wanted to perform Srivari Thulabharam has to detach from the line and can contact the staff near Padi kavali
  • The weighing procedure depends on the things you wish to donate.
  • The Procedure is handled by TTD and two nationalized banks. TTD accepts all offerings in form of cash only and fixed.
  • If you have brought the coins with you, the coins can be deposited in the temple hundi after weighing. But this is not suggested as the TTD itself provides the coins for you.
  • Once you reach the Venue, the staff will weigh the person and will provide you  the receipt with your weight and also the object which you want to weight and its price. For example if a pilgrim wishes to weight himself against jaggery, the receipt will have the Jaggery price and weight of the person as per the market price. If its weight by coins the same will be given in the receipt with amount.
  • The pilgrim has to reach the Counter which is handled by two nationalized banks and you have to pay the amount the which is provided in the receipt.
  • Once the payment is done, you  can reach back to the Thulabharam venue and the staff now weighs you with the actual material you have chosen to weighed and the same wiill be donated to TTD.
  • If the pilgrim wishes to weigh against coins, then the value of one kg of Rs. 1 is Rs.202, Rs.5 offered is Rs.565 per one kg, Rs.2 offered is Rs.332 per one kg.
  • Once the weighing is done, the pilgrims can join back to the que for Darshan.

Points to be noted before Srivari Thulabharam:

  • Pilgrims has to decide the material to be weighed before reaching the venue itself.
  • No need to carry coins as TTD Provides the coins
  • All the materials will be donated to Temple in the name of the pilgrims once the weighing is done



  1. Here u have given information that for 1kg 1rupee coins it is 202 rupees. is this the calculation vl b done in temple or else it is different from the given instruction. please guide


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