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Tirumala Tirupati Laddu Bulk Purchase

Tirumala Tirupati Laddu Bulk Purchase

Most of the pilgrims who are in requirement of the Tirumala Laddu for a bulk distribution were looking for opportunities to buy that laddu in bulk. TTD had laid out many rules to make sure, the pilgrims can a very limited number of laddus after the completion of the Darshan. The purchase of laddu for a bulk purpose was not possible. But due to the COVID 19, TTD has made new rules, to make sure the pilgrims are allowed to buy the Tirumala laddu in bulk.

From 25 March 2020, any pilgrims can purchase laddu in bulk. The pilgrims can buy the laddus directly from the TTD itself if they require more than 1000 laddus in bulk.

Procedure to Tirumala Tirupati Laddu Bulk Purchase Online

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If anyone wants to buy the Tirumala Tirupati Laddu in bulk they need to contact the TTD authorities on 18004254141 or 1800425333333 or they can email to [email protected] 5 days in advance. The pilgrims need to write a email to the above email id, with their Nam, Phone Number and requirement of the number of laddus along with the address. Once the email is sent, the TTD authorities will contact you with further details. Please note, in the event of the requirement of more than 1000 laddus, the pilgrims need to contact the authorities at least before 5 days of the requirement.

Once the order is placed, the laddu will be directly delivered to the customer or else the customer can get it delivered to nearest TTD Kalyana Manadapam or TTD Information center.



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