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Tirumala TTD Laddu Sale Buying Guide

Tirumala TTD Laddu Sale

In the event of COVID 19, the Tirumala Temple board TTD has decided to sell laddus out of the temple for the first time in the temple history. The laddu prasadam which is considered as very auspicious for the Lord Venkateswara is now available to pilgrims in their nearest places. The pilgrims need not to travel to Tirumala here after to the Laddu Prasadam. The TTD has decided to sell the Laddu prasadam in various places apart from the Tirumala Temple

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Date of Tirumala Laddu Sale

The laddus will be made available to all the pilgrims from May 25 2020. The pilgrims are allowed to buy the laddus from the premises which has been prescribed the TTD Board.

Where to Buy Tirumala Laddu Prasadam

For now, the Tirumala temple has made the laddu available in all the districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The temple has TTD Kalyana Mandapams in all the districts and major cities and district headquarters. The Pilgrims can buy the fresh stock of the laddu prasadam from all the TTD Kalyana Madapams in the state. The board is also in the decision of selling the laddu prasadam in major cities in the country which will be implemented soon.

Discounted Price of Tirumala Laddu

The TTD Laddu which was Rs. 50 in the past will now on be sold to a discounted price of Rs. 25. This laddu which will be sold is the Arjitha Seva laddu which is around 175 grams is now available at 50% discounted price. The pilgrims can pay through cash at the selling centers in every district and can buy the laddu prasadam

Bulk Sale of Tirumala Ladddu

For the first time in history, the TTD board has decided to sell the Tirumala Laddu Prasadam in bulk. For the pilgrims who want to procedure more than 1000 laddus in bulk can contact to 18004254141 or 1800425333333 or the pilgrims can order the laddus 5 days before to the email [email protected] with their requirement, phone number and also address

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