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Uttarayana 2023 Start And End Date Timings Pooja Procedure

Know the latest details about the Uttarayana 2023 Start And End Date Timings Pooja Procedure, Uttarayana 2023 Dates Timings Festival Details

Uttarayana is the festival or the particular in which the Sun enters the Makara Raasi. In the sense, the sun will enter the Capricorn. This is also the time when the Sun travels from the South direction to the North direction. In a year, the Sun will be travelling from Soth to North and also North to South for the whole year due to theĀ  Earth’s revolution around the Sun. When the Sun travels from South to North it is called as the Uttarayana. This will be for six months. This Six month period starts from this date. This is the reason this festival is called the Uttarayana. This means, the Sun travelling from South to North.

On this day, most of the Indian states celebrate the festival under different names. The most famous celebrations will be in South India, in the name of the Sankranti and in North India in the name of the Lohri. The dates of the Uttarayana start and end are as below

Uttarayana 2023 Start And End Date Timings Pooja Procedure

The start date of the Uttarayana is on January 15, 2023, in the timings at 7:15 AM as per the astrology.

The End date of the Uttarayana will be till the start of the Dakshinayana in the month after six months i.e June or July

  • The Uttarayana is celebrated as the Sankranti by most people in South India. The Tamilnadu people will be celebrating the Uttarayana in the name of Pongal
  • The people will be doing the pooja for their ancestors on the Uttarayana or the Sankranti day
  • The Pooja for the ancestors on this day will be done by doing the Tharpanam procedure for the ancestors. The clothes will be offered after the pooja in the home

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