Why Lord Venkateswara Eyes are Closed in Tirumala

Why Lord Venkateswara Eyes are Closed in Tirumala

The major mystery which revolves around the Lord Sri Venkateswara status in Tirumala is why the eyes are being closed then the Tirunamam is being decorated to Lord. If pilgrims can view carefully, the idol of the Lord Sri Venkateswara will be decorated every day with a huge Tirunamam in the forehead, which covers the eyes of the lord partially. Even though there is no proper explanation for this type of wearing the Tirunamam, there are some explanations which are going on. The Tirunamam size will be reduced only during the abhishekam and Nethra Darshanam on Thursdays

The explanations which are going around for the covering of the eyes of Lord Sri Venkateswara is as follow.

  • The gaze coming out of the eyes of the idol cannot be tolerated by a normal human and hence they are covered to reduce the effect.
  • It is believed that the Lord ‘s eyes carry immense supernatural light that may not suit everyone.
  • Ramanujacharya devised the Trinama to cover the third eye of the idol which is very powerful

Why Lord Venkateswara Eyes are Closed?

The real behind on closing the eyes of Lord Sri Venkateswara is the Tirunamam is decorated to Lord based on the Agama Sastra and according to rules which has been set by Sri Ramanujacharya and hence follows the tradition of wearing the Tirunamam and there is no special story behind the same for covering the eye of Lord Sri Venkateswara. There are lot of fake stories which are going around which don’t have proper sources and references.

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