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Tirumala Brahmotsavam 2018 Schedule

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100 Responses

  1. Psreenivasa Murthy says:


  2. T.SHANKAR says:

    is the date as given above firm. pls cnfm .Also let me know by what means can I book cottages in Tirumala for me and and my wife during the entire Brahmoutsvam

    • TTD Online says:

      Hello! Yes. The above dates are confirmed. You have to go though as usual Online Booking. Also, cottages will not be provided througout entire Branhmotasavam.

  3. Suresh says:

    Good day sir. Planning to visit Tirumala on 8th September 2018. Can we buy Special Dharshan ticket on this day?

  4. Bharath says:

    I have got Suprbatham Seva on 17th Sept which falls during this events. tried to book accommodation for 16th and 17th, but same is not available by regular booking process. please advice what should i do in this regards.

  5. Sathyarajkumar says:

    Sir, Which brahmotsovam is main wheather salakatla brahmotsovam or navarathri brahmotsovam, reply pls

    • TTD Online says:

      Thisi Year both Brahmotsavams are main ones. But, Navarathri Brahmotsavam is the regular one which happens yearly. Thanks

  6. VINOD Reddy says:

    Hi Sir plz Tel me on which date seva booking for the month of October vishesh pooja booking & accommodation of 10 October start for booking online

  7. sreenath says:

    i have two kids. one kid is under 1 year and one kid is 5.6 old. can i get infant darshan for both kids and me and my wife. please provide the information as soon as possible. i am planning to come in next month

  8. Kalyani P says:

    Sir, My mother is 65 years old. Is special darshan for senior citizens at 10.00 am & 3pm is available at the time of Brahmotsavalu also from 12th to 21st Sept, 2018.
    The special darshan of Rs. 300/- can avail at the time of Brahmotsavalu also.

  9. P Kalyani says:

    Sir, If all the special darshans are cancelled during Brahmotsavalu, then why the slot is visible online. We already took special darshan tickets for 3 nos. online

  10. Dear sir, I would like to visit for balaji darsan on in between sept 13, 2018 to 22 sept 2018…how can book my daily darsan ticket? Is it available block day booking and where i can stay. Sir please advice, thanks.

  11. Sharath says:

    I’m planning for seva dharshan on 2nd Oct (Before Bramotchavam). Will seva & cottage be released for online booking for this date?

  12. Deva says:

    When will open the Garuda seva online tickets in TTD website.

  13. Pranav kumar says:

    Ttd me seva kaise de sakte hai

  14. satish kumar says:

    Hello,If i want to book kalyanotsavam online when can i book? from which date the slot will open to book online ?

    Also please let me know if i have to book suprabhatam,archana,thomala seva too online?

  15. satish kumar says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    As you said before 3 months but I can see the slots are available till 31st October.
    If I have to book it for 1st week of November when should I try???
    Awaiting for your reply.Thanks in advance.

  16. satish kumar says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    As you said before 3 months but I can not see the slots are available till 31st October.
    If I have to book it for 1st week of November when should I try???
    Awaiting for your reply.Thanks in advance.

  17. Murali says:

    Hi..i’ve got special darshan on 6th October, any special for the day?

  18. B T ANAND KUMAR says:

    Can Public also have a holy dip during Chakra Snanam during Bramothsawam chakra snanam

  19. Raj says:

    Hello. We are from South Africa
    . Please advise if we can get accomodation at temple complexes for complete duration of Salakatla brahamotsavam
    Are we afforded any extra privileges as we are travelling from so far away

    • TTD Online says:

      Hello, You will not be able to get any extra privileges during Brahmotsavams. You can check for accommodation online. Thanks

  20. Raj says:

    It is very unfair that we come from so far away and that you all cannot accommodate us.

    We are all NARAYANA children but we have souch devotin. It costs us so much to come to see him but you ONLY allow us like 5 seconds.

    You will NEVER KNOW our LOVE for him and How we save to come to see Him.

    • TTD Online says:

      Hello, Sorry for inconvenience. Lakhs of people who stand behind you, in que lines are also Children of Narayana. Its not Cost which decides your devotion and its not where you stay / from where you come decides your Love towards God. Thanks for your understanding and try to understand how TTD can provide privileges to millions of pilgrims during these time. Thanks

  21. Sankar says:

    The special darshan (Rs 300/-) slot is not open for Monday, September 17th 2018. I was curious if darshan for this day is not available or would it be opened later on? Enquired in Mylapore Post office (Chennai) and they also said slots for this day are not open. Many thanks.

  22. Deepa says:

    Hello sir. My second son is nine months old now. Elder one 7 yrs. We are planning ‘keshakhandana’ for younger one on 22nd september. My mother is 67 yrs old. Can we include our mother with us in Supadham? Can we book cottage on that day as Brahmotsavam will be completed?

  23. p murthy babu says:

    sir, can I have the information regarding water in pushkarini?

  24. Ramya says:

    Hi we have booked 300rs darshan fir Sept 1 2018..is darshan restricted during that coz of the kumbabishegan

  25. Premkumar says:

    Please assist ,
    Trekking during Brahmotsavom allowed?

  26. Premkumar says:

    Thank you for the confirmation

  27. Girija Raju says:

    Hi Sir,

    I’m would like to visit temple during Navarathri Branhmotsavam in October 2018, I usually come Tirupati to tirumala on foot, do I get 300 dharsham tickets there while walking or those are closed during that period. Please confirm. Thanks!

  28. Rajesh CN says:

    this sunday on 23/09/2018 we would like to visit tirumala along with 12 months infant, can we avail supadham dharshana on that day, can you caonfirm us please, we are coming from bangalore,

  29. Sekar says:

    Do free dharshan is avialble during this bhramhoschavam

  30. Srinivas S says:

    Hello! I would like to visit thirumala for darshan during brahmostavam. Where can I get accomdation and darshanam tickets.

  31. Nagarajan says:

    Is infant entry can allowed during puratasi Saturday? And please tell me the full details about infant entry.

  32. Rajshekar Patil says:

    Is it available footpath darshan card on 12th October,

  33. Sai says:

    October 16 300rs dharshan tickets esthara

  34. Sir, can we book a room for advance at cro office

  35. Ramu says:

    Will divya darshanam tickets will be issued on 15 n 16 th of October 2018?
    How much time it May take for pilgrims having divya darshanam tickets on those days??

  36. Srinivas says:

    Hi Sir,

    We got selected for suprabatham seva on 15 th October 2018, but you are telling all special darshanam’s cancelled. Please let me know how it happened and one member booked 300/ RS special darshanam also at 10 AM.

  37. Praveen Patil says:

    Divya darshanam tickets will be issued on 12 October 10 am

  38. Praveen Patil says:

    Divya darshanam tickets are available on 12 October 2018 10 am

  39. Raghavendra says:

    Angapradakshini is their on Friday 18 October

  40. Gopala Krishnan says:

    Hi sir,

    Is there any provision like getting a ticket for free dharshan with the timing to enter the temple(Tirumala) at the Tirupati, heard there is such provision.

  41. manasa says:

    Hello sir,
    May I know why this year salakatla bramhosavasas are special then Dasara bramhovasa

  42. Tamilarasan says:

    Divya darshan tickets are available on 19th October 2018 ?

  43. Tushar says:

    Hi I have visited tirumala on 11 October 2018, the quality of prasadam laddo is not good and its high in sugar and no aroma as well, quality has gone down.

  44. BK says:

    Hi sir,

    Divya Darshanam available on 20th october & 21st october.

  45. Chanda N says:

    What is the waiting time approx in free darshan on 18th October i.e tomorrow.

  46. Naveen says:

    What is the timing for chakra snanam

  47. Ganapathy says:

    What is the waiting time ,If I come by steps tomorrow i.e 19.10.2018


    Hi, any bramhotsavam dates during November 2018

  49. Ravi says:

    Sir.we want to serve in Parakamani seva during srivari brahmotsavam dates in 2019.In which month we have to register/book for seva.I mean how many days before the slot opens?Plz reply Sir.

  50. Pradeep says:

    Is there any event going on Dec 12 at tirumala

  51. vinod says:

    Pl. send date of Brahmotsavam 2019

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